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Exciting Jerusalem Day Walk Tours


The Jerusalem walking tours will take about twenty minutes, though there is so much to see here that one may take as long as four hours to cover the attractions and linger longer in the places that offer spiritual enlightenment. 

A typical Jerusalem walk tour begins from Agron. You will go through the neighborhood south of Rachavia, where many immigrants who are a mix of Anglos and Israelis speak English. When you continue on the…


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Unlock The Scenic Treats With Israel Shore Excursions

Israel is much more than what it appears on the surface, and as you start exploring, you will find a plethora of mystic attractions and natural wonders that will take your breath away. If you wish to treat your eyes on the pristine beauty of the region then you must opt for the Israel shore excursions. The enigmatic aura and breathtaking vistas of Israel are not to be enjoyed from the streets of a harbor town, but you should take a Mediterranean cruise and allow the beauty of the…


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Explore The Holy Land With Israel Group Tours

Small joys seem to multiply and big troubles vanish when you are in a group! And, the same holds true when you enjoy group tours. The cities and landmarks of Israel feature so widely in the holy books that people around the world flock in large numbers to see this “promised land” and if you are planning to visit the country with your friends then Israel group tours can be helpful. The biggest advantage of these group tours is that everything is pre-planned and arranged so that you do…


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Jerusalem SightSeeing- best tourist attractions in Jerusalem

 If you love travelling and sightseeing and you have never been to Jerusalem, maybe it’s high time you paid this beautiful city a visit. Jerusalem has so many places to see and people visit the city because it has a lot of historical and spiritual significance. Because there are so many places to visit in Jerusalem, it is best to hire a tour guide who will offer private tours in Jerusalem. Also, because…


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At the Center of Israel

Tel Aviv is often the place where the reporters camp out in the Middle East. While it has been a region ravaged by bombs and trouble, it is often a great place to begin from when reporters are trying to tell a story. It is a place where many on scene reporters have cultivated contacts and learned the basics of language so they can go forth and hire a crew and get the story they need. This type of energy makes Tel Aviv feel as though it is a more progressive state, one where the truth lurks…


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