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Tasting Missouri Wines

Well…I am impressed.  America’s first wine country not only boasts some solid wines, but also has its very own state grape glass – the Riedal Crystal Norton Wine Glass. Hardly anyone gets that, let alone a small wine district in the middle of the country.   I had a chance to taste some great wines in that glass and spend a few days in Lake of…


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Where RV Now? Presque Isle State Park in Erie, Pennsylvania

This trip to Erie PA we spent the day at Presque Isle State Park (Pennsylvania's only surf beach) and then spent the evening at Presque Isle Downs and Casino.

Presque Isle State Park is an arching sandy peninsula that extends 7 miles into Lake Erie and consists of 13 miles of roads (loop around outer edges of the peninsula), 21 miles…


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A Mini-Guide to Normandy, France

Normandy spreads over the northwestern corner of France, a region blessed with a stunning natural beauty, one that once inspired the impressionists. With its lush green pastures and orchards, Normandy remains a largely untouched paradise. With…


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El Palacio sobre Ruedas- Más Scenic Train Journey de la India

De todos los trenes de lujo en la India, el Palacio sobre Ruedas es probablemente el más conocido, y junto con el Orient Express es considerado uno de los diez mejores trenes de lujo en el mundo. Sin embargo, el palacio en las ruedas es algo más que un vehículo de lujo, sino que es como dar un paso atrás en el tiempo a los días pasados ​​de la Maharajah, con el estilo y servicio que es digno de un rey. Sin embargo, un lujoso interior no es el único que pone el tren palacio en tres…


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People Who Go Bonkers at 35,000 Feet

"Fuck you I'm French." (Photo used for illustrative purposes only, I have no idea who this guy is. )

“Fuck you, I’m French.” Really,  this was the response to an air marshal aboard a Delta flight from Nice to New York by a passenger when confronted by flight attendants for repeatedly smoking in the…


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Pamukkale, Paisaje de Algodón en Turquía


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Du lich Myanmar : TOUR GHÉP TẾT - YANGON - KYAIKHTIYO( Golden Rock) 5 Ngày


Myanmar mảnh đất linh thiêng của đạo Phật với những ngôi chùa cổ kính hàng nghìn năm tuổi - Tour ghép khách đặc biệt tết Nguyên Đán 2014 khởi hành ngày 31/01 - 04/02 (mùng 1 tết âm lịch)…


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Playa Guiones Near Nosara One of Costa Rica's Best Surfing Beaches

Most people visiting Nosara head straight for Playa Guiones, which with its beautiful white sand and consistent surf break, is one of Costa Rica's most favored…


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Vancouver: 10 Ways to Enjoy Yourself for Free

photo 1. Deep Cove is barely a 30 minute drive from downtown, but offers a completely serene, secluded experience. Take in the view of fir trees and water from Panorama Park, then hike…

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Kansas City Jazz Still a Hot Ticket

by Diana Lambdin Meyer

Jazz in the Blue Room at the Jazz Museum, Kansas City Jazz in Kansas City is not like jazz in New Orleans or in any other great American music city. It’s a little more bluesy, a little heavier on the keyboards and bass, not so bold with the brass. They call it “cool jazz” here, jazz that’s a little gentler on the spirit.



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Wines of Idaho's Snake River Valley


Move over potatoes, grapes are coming.  Idaho’s state slogan was “famous potatoes”, it has evolved to “great potatoes, tasty destinations”; undoubtedly, at least in part, due to the wonderful wines being produced along the Snake River Valley.  With a climate akin to the Columbia Valley in Washington State, and elevations similar to Spain’s Rioja region, Idaho produces primarily Bordeaux and Spanish varietals, with a…


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Dominica The Nature Island

Dominica, The Nature Island

Are you dreaming of an island escape this winter?

There are numerous places I like to resource for travel views and news.  One is The Globe and Mail  Travel section which I read when in Canada.  Another is The Telegraph from England which had this to say about Dominica inwaterfall a feature about the Caribbean. "Mountainous, covered in dense rainforest, with tumbling waterfalls, a boiling lake and rare…


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3 days Masai Mara safari holiday

The Masai Mara camping safari is the shortest and cheapest safari with the greatest chance to view Africa's big 5 " lion, elephant, rhino, leopard and cape buffalo" within the shortest time possible. If you are on a budget this is the ideal Kenya wildlife safari for you. The Masai Mara camping safari departs daily, you can take the safari with a group or take a private tour depending on your budget for the safari.We take you to view game in the Masai Mara. Take game drives and view wildlife…


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This is an exclusive semi-luxury tented camp for those who want to be true to wild experience. The camp is situated within the Masai Mara Eco-system and on the banks of Ololaimutia River which is a watering point for most of the wild animals expecially elephants, buffalos, antelops etc 20 Kms from Keekrok Air Strip, 15 Kms from Sekenani Gate, 2Kms…


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Climbing Up Sugar Loaf Via a Steel Cable...Just Another Way to Get to the Top


If you want to tell people you have seen Rio de Janeiro, there are a few “not to miss” attractions and one of them is the Pão de Açucar (Sugar Loaf). Most people go to the summit of Sugar Loaf the normal way: by cable trolley. Few people know that there are alternative, more adventurous ways to get there. One of them is a walk to the top (referred to as “costão”), a three hour walk which involves a little rock climbing, but nothing…


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Wildlife conservationists work to save Costa Rica jaguars.

Like the lion or the tiger, the jaguar is the "king of the jungle" in the Americas. It is the largest feline in the Americas and the third largest in the world, notes Wikipedia. With a range extending from Southwestern United…


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Where Will We Go & How Will We Travel In 2014?

Another year almost over, and Acacia Africa is already picking up on some interesting 2014 travel trends, the tour operator linking many of its predictions to the influence of social networking and the change in how we absorb information – from tablet to mobile. An expert in sub-Saharan Africa, and a safari specialist for over 18 years, the company offers…


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How Study Abroad Changed My Life

They call it growing up for a reason, of course. And when you add “safe” first-hand exposure to the wide world beyond your own country's borders - as a (relatively) independent young person, still curious, full of energy, and trying to figure it all out, yet at the same time supported and protected by parents (from afar) and teachers (nearer at hand) - all this inevitably has a powerful effect on your personality, and in many cases your future course in life. Everyone's story is…

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Explore the magical south Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica at Le Cameleon Hotel

The south Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica…


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