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Chasing Ghosts, Ghouls & the Devil in Barcelona

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by Inka Piegsa-Quischotte

Dank chill, drizzle, and streetlamps shrouded in fog are bad weather? A bad time for touring? Depends! In fact, they were just perfect for a nocturnal outing I had in…


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Enjoy Abundance Of Fishing Experience In Costa Rica

For the people who are workaholic they may need a gentle place where they can actually unwind themselves and get into the relaxation mood. If you are planning for a fishing vacation, you might have had probably heard about Costa Rica. Costa Rica sport fishing is considered among the best fishing in the world. In the Central Pacific region, sport fishing is a popular activity because it offers the most fertile and significant fishing grounds in the world. For this reason, Costa Rica has…


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Translation Services USA

Translation Services USA leading agency, located in North America, has been engaged in professional translation services provision for over 17 years.

Our company provides each customer with:

- highly-experienced translators, including native speakers;

- translation into over 100 world languages;

- own control and transfer…


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Scuba Diving Equipment – What You Need to Get Started

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Scuba diving is for sure one of most common and enjoyable aquatic activities, allowing people to explore the hidden depths and beauty of seas, oceans, and lakes with their own…


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9 Places for Tea Estate tourism lovers in Darjeeling

Indians love a decent cup of tea (chai) and India is one of the 2ND biggest tea producers on this planet. In any case, more than 70 percent of it is devoured by Indians themselves. The creation of tea truly took off during the times of British principle in India, when enormous tracts of land were changed over for mass tea generation. In case you're a tea sweetheart, don't miss visiting these spots where you'll locate the best India tea estates and tea. You can even remain on a tea domain and…


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Get Hypnotized with Famous Alaskan Fishing Trips

It would not be wrong to say that you are thinking to make your days off increasingly critical? At that point go for an excursion trip to Alaska will be more appreciating and pleasant. The purpose of Alaskan Fishing Trips is to conjure the charming climate of Alaska along with enjoying a handful of fishing exercises. Fishing is perhaps the greatest game in Alaska and in reality, it is that spot where you will come to think about various types of fishes. What's more, the most extreme climate…


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The Exceptional Ecotourism of Rocha, Uruguay


by Marita Acosta

Two hours' drive east from…


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Driving in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a relatively small country and can be easily crossed from North to South in a day. Roads are mostly one lane, with the exceptions of some parts in the highways, so take your time and be safe. Driving 20km/h (13m/h) over the speed limit or under the influences of alcohol are fined with jail and for your own safety don’t drink and drive nor exceed the speed limits.

There is one main road to the Pacific coast called “Autopista del Sol” and one main road to the Caribbean…


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India Visa Online Application Form UK, USA, China

Every foreign visitor is required to get a visa before arriving in India. According to the Indian visa laws and rules, an Indian visa is permitted to more than 160 countries. However, the fee and rules may vary from country to country. Citizens of the UK, USA, and China get some extra benefits, here in this blog, we will describe the rules and advantages of getting Indian…


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Kimono-Clad Luxury Adventures in Japan

The Land of the Rising Sun is renowned as a nation steeped in rich history and traditions with a variety of unique customs and fascinating etiquette rituals. With my fabulous itinerary chock-a-block full of bespoke adventure that included interviewing famous kimono designer…


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Botswana a Fetching Success Story

One of the most attractive countries in Africa: http://tours-tv.com/ru/botswana


Botswana is an African success story. After achieving democratic rule in 1966, three of the world’s richest diamond-bearing formations were discovered within its borders. Today, the country enjoys a high standard of economic stability, education and health care, which, with the exception of …


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Everything About Persia's Greatest Poet, Hafezieh

Who was Hafez?

Hafez is one of the greatest poets in the history of Persian literature. A Hafez anthology is found in any Iranian house. His legacy goes beyond the Persian language and borders of Iran to influence poets in all the other Persian-speaking countries. Translations of his work have always been popular among the readers, and some…


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Top 3 Boutique Wineries in Seville, Yarra Valley

My name is Nep Thach (a tour guide), and today I will be your guest article blogger, taking you through the Top & Best 3 Boutique Winery in the Seville, Yarra Valley wine region.

As a traveller passing through our beautiful Melbourne region, or a local who’s looking to explore the wonders of the Yarra Valley wine region, I have a treat for you to keep those taste buds satisfy.

Being a tour guide, I get to meet people from all walks of life and importantly meeting gentle and…


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Hi Ramesh

Hope you like as requested a travel Blog

I would like to tell my story as I have been travelling to Nepal over the last 10 years and have been using Nepal Holidays Treks and Tours for the last three treks with a proposed trek in February 2020.

1. 2010----Kathmandu ---Lukla---Tengboche---- Kathmandu

2. 2016--- Annapurrna Base Camp



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Glendalough: Ireland's Valley of the Two Lakes

Toward the end of the 6th century CE, a small group of Irish monks led by Saint Kevin, who had previously lived there as a hermit, founded the Christian monastery at Glendalough, in what is now County Wicklow. The settlement grew and thrived, despite Viking raids, for the next six…


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8 Places In Coorg That Will Make You Fall In Love With Nature

In Karnataka, there are many enchanting tourist destinations with natural serenity and Coorg is one of them. The beautiful hill station is known for its lush green hanging valleys, misty mountain range, and deep gorges. The coffee plantations in the area fascinate visitors and it is also home to a few wildlife…


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Adventure tours to Cambodia - Options to explore

Enclosed by Thailand, Laos and Vietnam, the city Cambodia is the most enthralling one at the heart of South East Asia.  If you want to see the real beauty, Cambodia is the city which has emerged from the tragic history to the light of splendor, the place which is proud to be the home to the amazing temples of Angkor, Tonle Sap Lake, Mekong Delta and many more. With Cambodia adventure you can have the best of adventure tours that will be engraved forever in your memory.


As an…


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Madurai, the Fascinating Cultural Capital of India's Southern Tamil Nadu State


The ancient temple and trading town whose settlement dates back to 300 BCE, Madurai (current pop. 1.6 million) is the cultural capital of one of India's southernmost states, Tamil Nadu. This eclectic settlement attracted…


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Things to do before going on a long journey

You can forget so many little things, especially if you are excited about your upcoming trip! Here is a checklist to make sure the next time you set up on a great adventure, everything will be taken care of!

Take care of your house and valuables

This is important both for the safety of your home and for your peace of mind. Set your…


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