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A Fully Accessible Guide for Flying for People with Disabilities

Traveling by plane is of course one of the safest (and fastest) methods of getting from point A to point B, but crowded airports, long waits at security checkpoints and baggage restrictions can make flying a nightmare when you have a disability.

With the help of legislation and strong advocacy, airlines and airports are making it more accessible for travelers with disabilities. We’ve created a fully accessible guide to…


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6 Things You Need To Know Before Moving To The USA

Each and every year, hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world emigrate to the United States of America to pursue their version of the American Dream. With immigration rates so high, this makes the USA a melting pot of different cultures, making it one of the most fascinating places in the world to live in. There aren’t very many…


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Tourism in Japan: Chinese Tourists Traveling to Japan

First of all, it is important to rely on the country background in terms of tourism destination point. Japan is the East Asian island nation. The country is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean. It stretches from Okhotsk to Taiwan and East China Sea. Japan is referred to as "Land of the Rising Sun" and the "sun-origin" (Henshall,…


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International Day of World’s Indigenous Peoples Observed at Marwah Studios

Noida: “There are an estimated 370 million indigenous people in the world, living across 90 countries. They make up less than 5 per cent of the world’s population, but account for 15 per cent of the poorest. They speak an overwhelming majority of the world’s estimated 7,000 languages and represent 5,000 different cultures,” said Sandeep Marwah President Marwah Studios at…


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Unit of Feature Film Karim Mohammed at Marwah Studios

Noida: The management planned a detailed interaction of the media students of AAFT with the complete film unit of feature film Karim Mohammed at Marwah Studios. “Your dedication must be reflected with your day to day affairs. It is a business of expression. This is one business where you grow every day and you learn every day. Every director has some special qualities which…


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The Cool Snack Shacks of Calangute Beach in Goa, India

As one of the largest beaches in north Goa with unbroken coastline, Calangute has always been able to catch the fancy of millions of travelers who have visited Goa over the past few decades. As a matter of fact, the beach has always found special position among…


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Where to Eat in Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Johor Bahru Is the Capital City of Johor, Peninsular Malaysia, Situated Just Across the Causeway From Singapore. With New Shopping Malls and Entertainment Complexes, Two World-famous Theme Parks, there are many other tourist attractions in Johor Bahru.

Johor Bahru Is Also Widely Known for Its Food,…


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4 Amazing Places to Visit for a Unique Authentic Travel Experience

Many people believe they know how to travel. The truth is that being a true traveler is definitely not as easy as the general opinion might have it. Enjoying the experience to its fullest and not being caught in activities that don’t matter when the time is so limited is a condition of a raw travel experience. Living like the locals, observing details that not any visitor with a camera can notice, eating traditional foods and involving yourself deeper and deeper in the culture of a certain…


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Panama Jack's Resort Is a Cancún Phoenix

all photos: David Paul Appell

When I was a teenager visiting Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula with my folks in 1973, as we were flying from Cozumel to Mérida our pilot indicated a skinny, scrubby island below that was about to be developed into…


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Why Many Fear-of-Flying Therapies Don't Work - and What Does

L2F Sep 14 pic fearless Dreamtime

by Tom Bunn

With fear of flying a not-uncommon affliction, there is a lot of advice floating around out there on how to overcome it. But a good percentage of the afflicted, despite “trying everything”, have still found no…


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8 Top Activities of Pismo Beach, California


In California's San Luis Obispo County, some 3½ hours north of Los Angeles, this charming small town is known for its beaches and wineries, but also has a number of other cool attractions well…


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Shopping In Port Dickson | Shopping Malls in Port Dickson

Shopping In Port Dickson

Port Dickson is a hidden tourist destination in Malaysia! it's a lovely place to hang out and  Relax. Port Dickson, have many nice attractions to visit. Enjoy shopping in Port Dickson with the below list of shopping places in Port Dickson

1. Regina Mall…


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Southeast Asia’s Leading Destination Manager Company - Active Travel Asia

Since 2006, Active Travel Asia started out as a tour operator in Vietnam delivering a wide selection of adventure tours for global travelers to Indochina. Over the years, Active Travel Asia has become a Southeast Asia’s leading DMC specializing in offering premium all-inclusive adventure tours to Vietnam.…


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Singapore Airlines Introduces storybook on its flights


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Join us at the 2018 Annual Pro-Am in the Hamptons with John & Patrick McEnroe on August 25, 2018!

Saturday, August 25, 2018                                                                                                              

2018 Annual Pro-Am in the Hamptons/ John & Patrick McEnroe

Come out to the event of the summer in the Hamptons with John McEnroe's annual Pro-Am…


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Top 10 Reasons to Visit London

The capital of the United Kingdom is more than just a metropolis with a striking historical significance in the history of the world - it's a unique and exhilarating experience. London’s countless monuments, its royal panache and mind boggling architecture and beautiful streets that…


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Dear Valued Travel Agent,

We hope…


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Nightlife in the Malaysia Resort Town of Ipoh

Ipoh has lots of places to explore at night. There are many  Bars, Club and Restaurants so as to hang out at night. Some of the top places to visit at night are Rooftop Restaurants & Bar, Berlin's Bier Houze, Night Market, Barroom & Club 9, History Bistroz.

Rooftop Restaurants & Bar…


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Amazing History and Peculiar Citizens - Crazy Stories from London

Throughout its long history London went through many transformations and now it is one of the most fast-growing cities in the world. If you are planning to visit or better relocate to London you will be amazed amongst other things at how many crazy street names there are. Some sound funny, some are clearly vulgar but they all have a fascinating story behind them. And let's…


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Shopping in Ipoh | Ipoh Shopping Guide

Ipoh Parade:…


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