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Global Gay Tourism Mission

I spent 4 weeks (June/July, 09) travelling this great planet exploring so many of the wonderful gay offerings around the globe. From Asia into the UK and Europe, The US and Canada there were some fantastic adventures to he had. Read my travel blogs at to gain a flavour of some of my adventures.

It was a delight to proactively promote Alice Springs, Central Australia, the magnificent Northern Territory and this wonderful country of Australia to my tourism… Continue

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Tahiti in the Middle

For the last few years I’ve taken Transatlantic repositioning cruises. These cruises are a great way to see some European ports and then spend lovely days at sea on the way to Fort Lauderdale.

This year I decided to try a Transpacific. If you can hook on to the last leg of a “special” cruise, like one around the Horn, or an Alaska-Asia-Los Angeles, you’ll get superb service and ports you might not ordinarily visit.

Regent was my choice with an 18 day itinerary including 12… Continue

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dance lessons and seminars
An intensive schedule of lessons deals with different techniques and styles of salon and stage dance. The teachers: prestigious dancers of different generations and instructors of renowned schools.

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about the championship

The Dance Championship is the celebration that establishes Buenos Aires as a mecca for tango dancers from all over the world. This event will choose the best dancers in the categories “Salon Tango”, which stresses the social aspect of the tango dance as a typical porteño practice, and “Stage Tango”, which aims to enrich the dance from a choreographic point of view related to the performance as a show.

Throughout the… Continue

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about the festival

The Tango Festival is a multitudinous celebration of the genre in all its varieties, and the driving force of a series of activities whose influence stretches throughout the year: the encouragement to the creation of new works, the recovery and value enhancement of the genre’s heritage, the stimulus to artistic excellence, the fostering of stylistic diversity and culture consumption, and the promotion of creative industries of… Continue

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Friendly Planet Travel Joins Kiva to Fight Global Poverty

All travelers have an appreciation for the natural beauty, unique culture and fascinating history of the foreign lands they explore. And it is through this exploration that they also see the flip side of those exotic lands, the hardships endured by some of the people, devastating poverty amid the cultural treasures, lack of basic resources such as clean water, electricity, proper shelter, and crippling social class distinctions that crush hopes and dreams. Inspired by Nobel Prize… Continue

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Peter Island Resort & Spa

This is my first time to the BVI and it is gorgeous. Peter Island is an amazing place, full of wildlife, neon turquoise waters and the spa is delicious with two Ayurvedic doctors on staff.

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Latest in my world......

My review article on the Abbey Resort & Avani Spa is running in "Les Nouvelles Esthetiques & Spa". To access, go to; digital edition, pps. 10-20.

Check out my article posts at All are based on travels and recognized expertise as a spa industry expert. Specific reviews on the Heidel House Resort & Evensong Spa and the Hotel Del Coronado Beach Village & Spa.

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A glimpse from Brooklyn, NY

A passage to Brooklyn, NY

I walk around

seeing the crowd,

watching the people across the roads

on Wilson, Myrtle, Cypress, Cornelia or Knickerbocker Streets

I find Spanish as the language spoken.

Numerous shops like those of the hairdressers, restaurants,

and other business firms

draw me to get in and have a try;

search for something and take a choice

from all those items seen and displayed.

Like any movements in public… Continue

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Verona, Italy

A Reconnoitre in Verona

Nothing can dim the glow of my joy

Those meaningful moments which I still recall

I find certain happiness yet silence in time

With occupying thoughts that always cross my mind.

Along the stream of consciousness, there’s a hidden message

I may be attentive, yet time creeps so fast.

There’s difficulty that hampers me though

a busload of burdens that wrap me till night.

On and off, I turn to gaze at these… Continue

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Assisi, Italy


A leap across the hill-top,

Is an encounter with God.

Concealed in the language of history

the depth of human religiosity.

It rings true for me though

those stories of Francis of Assisi.

Surely, striking the hallmarks of simplicity

in quietude where I cling to reality.

There is a twofold bridge in it,

That is historical and biblical

That I must continue to face

the conundrum of life… Continue

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Wuppertal, Germany

In Wuppertal (Germany)

Gloomy, quiet and serene

This is the place where I stay.

People work up to the hilt

following the rhythm of each day.

I see and listen to some of them

with wonder and excitement.

Like any stranger in this place

I get to know where they come from.

Now I realize the richness and mobility

That makes me see and experience

In this beautiful city

Where people come and go.

As an experience… Continue

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Florence, Italy


Behind the insatiable appetite of people

who come to see and appreciate

The work of art in human history

lies the images and quality of faith.

This beautiful city of Florence

Where a kind of growth and civilization

Has kept the sentiment of tradition

That carries with it all our admiration.

It is the evidence of achievement

that seems to paint with ever greater meaning

The finest features… Continue

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Away from home

Far from home

I drool over

to come and see,

Those lovely places around

truly, a sight to behold.

Artifacts from Spanish times

Magnificent churches,

Buildings and a tad of ruins

have significance to perceive.

Clematis dripping from walls

Cascades of flowers

Green trees elsewhere

give delight to everyone.

A triumph of hope

awaits the locals

as a hybrid nation

a birthplace of… Continue

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C'est la vie

Such is life

Sadness afflicts us

and sorrow brings us back

to capture the mem’ries of the past

Such a call, such is life.

It’s difficult to accept,

It’s a struggle to keep

with mem’ries that haunt us

to reminisce and believe.

Greet the day with hope

have a cheerful look

and turn over a new leaf

to welcome a new spirit.

A growing sense of optimism

draws us to keep alive.

the expressions of human… Continue

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Inner voice

Traveling by air

In a busy airport like Hongkong

where travelers come and meet

along with their families, friends and acquaintances

Mobility continues to soar.

It’s amazing to see them

as they hurry to walk

either for check-in, boarding or whatever

They make an effort to be there on time.

Certain things have to keep going,

realizing the rules and procedures

that concern all passengers

bound for their respective… Continue

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Growing spirituality among Filipinos

Popular spirituality of the Filipinos – in various structures

1. The starting point

Looking back on the past centuries of the Philippine situation, the influences of Spain and the United States of America have become clear to some extend that the self-awareness of Filipinos is still in the process of being born. Faced with the idea of the West towards colonization and acculturation, things have reached into the ways of disequilibrium. This imbalance, in turn, has induced… Continue

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Feminism in Sacred Scriptures

Feminism in Migration – a ministry of the gospel

To-day there is much being said and written about feminism that stands on the edge of new possibilities for a common thread in our society. We live in the present time aware of many victims strewn across the pages of our history. These unfold though the ideology of patriarchy and the exploitation of the poor and oppressed.

Recognising the need of feminism side by side with liberation theology, we can keep moving along the… Continue

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My experience in the Country Down Under - Australia

A passage to country down under - my experience in Australia

Having lived in Australia for even a short period of time has given me already a picture of the country’s present situation in terms of relationships that exist amongst different cultures. One of the parishes where I worked for three years is a good example of multiculturalism.

The image of Australia as a land of opportunity for immigrants, a cosmopolitan country and a staple of popular culture has helped shape… Continue

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On our way to Egypt

On our way to Egypt – through the looking glass of time

Unencumbered by the sweltering heat, we slipped across the border of Palestine and visited Mt. Sinai. That sense of expectation and possibility of what we thought of made us realize to keep focused on our faith and keep our Christian hope alive that despite poverty and the angst of centuries ago, we were still animated by our faith that could be recalled in times past by all those who visited or lived in these places. This… Continue

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