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The Millennium Hotel in Chengdu, China

They say the three most important aspects of a piece of property are location, location, location.  The location of the Five-star Millennium Hotel in Chengdu, China is excellent. The hotel is located in a quiet area with a lovely Shen Xian Shu linear park across the street and a wonderful pedestrian street with shops and…


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Glitter Your Holidays With Golden Triangle

If you think that a weeklong tour will refresh your spirit to work more stupendously then Ranthambore and its Golden Triangle Tour Package is worth for you. A week in the arms of the country’s most exciting destinations will chill your soul and make you more productive for sure and when it includes places like Delhi, Agra, Jaipur and Ranthambore…


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Tour of a Colorful State- Rajasthan

If you are interested in spending your vacation in some colorful place along with camel safari, enjoyment with the company of wild life, ancient and unique architecture, age old forts, mouth watering cuisines and many other things than plan your vacation for Rajasthan which is one of the most majestic states of India. The area of the Rajasthan is said to be the vastest in India. So you will get the opportunity to visit various place having its own specialty. You will love to have unique…


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Resort Options in Corbett: A Way To Make Corbett Journey Mesmerizing!

However the land of India has many national parks, but when it comes to Jim Corbett National Park, no one can question of the popularity and profoundness of this park. Corbett National Parkis an oldest park and wildlife reserve of India. This park is also famous as Bengal Tigers’ abode. Thus, it is a great attraction spot for nature and wildlife savvy belong to all parts of the globe. Though, in this place, tourists can find wild life…


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Travel in style with Chapman Freeborn and

There really is nothing more stylish than travelling to your chosen destination by private jet, and Chapman Freeborn Private Jetis giving you the opportunity to step off the plane looking a million dollars.


As part of an exciting partnership with online luxury fashion boutique, the world’s largest aircraft charter broker is offering elite flyers a gift card worth £500 with every first…


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Experience the unlimited charm of backwater through Kerala houseboat cruise

Kerala is a land of several of fascination. It was believed that god make this city with his own hand that’s why it is called as God’s own country. The cool climate and greenest environment always attracts various tourists towards itself. This state represents its various tourists’ places like the breathtaking backwater, sun kissed sandy beaches, romantic hill stations, deep forests, the world famous natural therapy Ayurveda etc.

Some of the main attraction point of…


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Live pure charm and fun on a vivacious North American holidays

Experience the pulse of North American tours through towering forests, majestic fields, high-plain deserts, buzzing metropolises and offbeat oases. This continent offers boundless activities from exhilarating whirlwind of New York City, to skiing down the slopes of the Great White North; you just need to synchronize yourself with whichever level of adventure you have chosen. Design your dream travel and get…


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Chardham Yatra: A Journey To Connect Your Soul With God!

In Hinduism, there is a great significance of Chardham Yatra and is said that this is a journey to divine dwelling. With this Yatra, Hindus have several spiritual beliefs and it is believed that Hindus must go for Chardham Yatra at least once in their lifetime. Basically, this yatra is consisted of four main designations and all four have religious values. Many people believe that with successful completion of Chardham Yatra, a person can get rid of life or death circumlocutions. In this…


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Different Safari Zones of Jim Corbett National Park

Corbett National Park is one of the homes for numbers of wild animals like wild boar, deer, Jungle cat, Leopard cat, Elephant, Tigers and many other animals. In low hilly regions, tourists get the opportunity to watch the activities of the Sloth Bear and in the higher hills Black Bears are found. Some of the major attractions of this national park apart from Tigers and Elephants are Gharials or crocodiles, Rhesus…


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Gain Vitality and Zest on Unique Travel Escapes

Why spend your holidays the way you usual do when you have an unfeasible array of options of unique destination to choose from on you next travel escape. Has it been a while since your last outing with your family and friends on a beautiful beach or enjoying adventurous activities. If so, take a deep breath as you are now free to break the boundaries that surround you to let yourself enjoy pure life.



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It's Always a Day at the Beach At Japan's Ocean Dome

Think you’re in Dubai, not this time. You’ve entered a land that only can be called “so Japanese.” Who else, outside of the United Arab Emirates,  could create the world’s largest indoor beach, complete with surf and even a man-made volcano that erupts in fake flames. Why the Japanese, of course. Travel a mere 1200 miles south of Tokyo, on the island of Kyushu, and you’ll hit it. Yes in Miyazaki, Japan there lies an amazingly beautiful beach, where you can…


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Bolivia: salt flats & FLAMINGOS!

The Uyuni salt flats in Bolivia were mind-blowing.  Perhaps you've seen pictures?  Photographs of optical illusions created by posing close to the camera with distant objects appearing much larger/smaller in contrast.  The challenge is to come up with new poses.  We did our best!

After the tour of the salt flats, we continued to the high desert to explore high-altitude…


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Attractive Packages for Kaziranga National Park

Kaziranga National Park is known as the pride of the India especially North East India. It is known to most of the people that Kaziranga National Park is very rich in the population of rhinos. This place is said to be a symbol of natural beauty. This national park offers a wide range of scenic sight. Apart from rhinos, here you will get the opportunity to enjoy the company of wild water buffalo, elephants, swamp deer etc.

Thousands of people from different parts of the world come here…


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Some Comfy Stay Options In Corbett Choose Any As Per Your Interest

The Corbett National Park is one of the most famous tourists’ attraction situated in Uttaranchal and people all across the world come here to enjoy splendid environment of this park to the fullest. The famous Bengal tigers are also an integral part of this park. Though, we can’t say that this park is only known for the presence of tigers. This park is the habitat of several kinds of animals, birds, reptiles etc and the list includes 600 birds’ species, Asiatic elephants and miraculous…


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Explore Top 4 Attractions of Kerala during your Kerala Tour

Kerala is popular as famed as God's Own Country and for its mesmerizing natural beauty. Nature has decorated this attracting land amazingly. The capital of the Kerala is Trivandrum and economical capital of this beautiful state of India is Kochi.

Travelers can do lots of fun here as Kerala is one of the wonderful holiday destinations in India providing unique sightseeing with total privacy and safety. The state has out of ordinary natural beauty despite the recent major…


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Tour to Sakkara & Memphis

Have an exciting day tour starting at the Step Pyramid of Sakkarra proceeding to Memphis; which was the capital of Old Egypt during the Old Kingdom and is considered to be a center of rule and culture for over 3000 years the first capital of Egypt and see the Statue of Ramses II.  travel…


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Irish Blancmange, Begorra!


Sarah Browne, nutritionist and chef from Roscommon, Ireland, strives to use all natural foods locally produced or found in Ireland.  Her carrageen pudding makes use of a species of red algae that is found along the rocky coast of the Atlantic in Europe and North America but it is also sold commercially. Carrageen is commonly used as a…


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How BlogFrog Monetizes the Massive Influence of Women Bloggers

How BlogFrog Monetizes the Massive Influence of Women Bloggers

How do you get to be called the largest woman-blogger network in the country?

You believe in what BlogFrog CEO and co-founder , Rustin Banks, says: “Elevated authentic editorial…


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Brazil 2014: The World Cup Comes to Salvador da Bahia

Brazil 2014 World Cup

by Andy Jarozs

There may have been some controversy about who should've hosted the future football (aka soccer) World…


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Interesting Trekking Routes of Ladakh

Ladakh is a famous place among tourists for various reasons. One of the most popular reasons is trekking. It is said that Ladakh is an inspirational destination especially for the trekkers in true sense. Here tourists can enjoy the scenic beauty, different cultures along with colorful people, villages, green fields and monasteries of the valley. When any of the tourists start trekking than one can get an opportunity to enjoy various ancient temples, isolated monasteries and numerous other…


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