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Stand-up Paddle Boarding: YOLO (You Only Live Once)

We remember being told about YOLO (You Only Live Once) Stand-Up Paddle Boarding on a random trip to the Beaches of Walton, on the Florida panhandle.

A couple of beach-fit, broad-smiled  guys and ladies were balancing beautifully on small, colorful  board in a wide stream, polling themselves forward with skill, balance and great fun. They introduced us to…


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Top 10 Vacation Destinations in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a top world travel destination because it has something for everyone: tropical rainforest, green mountains, spectacular beaches, active volcanoes, wild rivers and lakes, and charming towns. The dry tropical forest and wide savannas of the north Pacific are as varied as the dense, steamy jungle of the south Pacific, the misty cool cloud forest high in the central mountains, and the distinctive character and culture of the Caribbean Coast as compared to the…


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AAFT Joins Hand with United Nations Information Centre

“My soul objective of producing largest number of films in the World is to highlight all those points which may bring in change into the society for good. It should bring peace and develop humanity as world religion” said Sandeep Marwah President of Marwah Studios as the opening remarks at the workshop specially designed for film directors from AAFT at United Nations…


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8th Media Excellence Awards 2014 at FICCI

“Journalism is one of the most challenging professions, if there is a name and fame associated with the work there is a risk also attached to the same” said Sandeep Marwah renowned International media personality while handing over the Media Excellence Awards constituted by Media Federation of India on its 8th edition of 2014 at K.K. Birla auditorium at FICCI complex in Delhi.

Sandeep Marwah congratulated to all the awardees gathered from all over India for their achievements round the…


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Kinh nghiệm du lịch Sơn Trà

Đến Sơn Trà, du khách vừa có thể lên rừng, xuống biển khi tham gia một loạt các tour trên cạn như khám phá Sơn Trà, khám phá rừng già giữa lòng phố trẻ, tham quan Đà Nẵng – Sơn Trà bằng trực thăng, tuyến “Không gian Xanh”… và tham gia các tour dưới nước như câu cá cùng ngư dân,…

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Splendid Yunnan Tour

Last Year, the smog in Beijing was quite heavy. I decided to escape to look for a blue sky and the fresh air. And we flew to Yunnan.

When I arrived at Kunming Airport, it was 8 pm already. Since I was in Yunnan, it would be a pity if not to eat Yunnan Rice Noodles. Only when I took my fist bite did I…


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Noida Can Be Cultural Capital of India- Sandeep Marwah

“We have everything a cultural city can possible think of, a little initiative and enthusiasm of the people can convert Noida into cultural capital of India” said Sandeep Marwah President of Marwah Studios and founder of Noida Film City as a speaker in the NGY Infra Conclave held at Hotel Radisson at Noida.

The presence of film city, broadcasting of 350 channels from here with 17000 media professionals working in and around Noida, 10 festivals which we have given to the nation, 5…


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Dairy Industry Expo Vision 2030 Inaugurated

“Dairy is in our inbuilt system, we respect Cows as our mother. This means that we all should promote dairy farming to our best” said Naveen Jindal Member Parliament in the capacity of Chief Guest at the inauguration of three days Dairy Industry Expo Vision 2030 at Pragati Maidan.

“NCUI Cooperative Expo is a unique opportunity to place your cooperative strength among stakeholders as it will provide ample opportunity to network among cooperatives and others significant players” added…


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Recharging in the Natural Beauty of Costa Rica

Time spent outdoors is refreshing to the mind, body and soul. When out in nature, a person can get back to their roots, revitalizing mind, body and spirit. This is not just empty conjure. Recently, experts have done a studies on the effect that being out in nature has on urban dwellers. They found that the more time people spent in good green spaces, the lower their anxiety and depression levels. Moreover, they had better overall heath. Spending time in nature was also found to help…


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Best place for yoga and meditation on the beach in Costa Rica

In today’s busy world, being centered, balanced and at peace are much sought-after elements. People in seriously busy places are turning to the timeless Eastern practices of meditation and yoga to help them get there.

Yoga has become mainstream; but meditation often still meets resistance. People have different reasons for…


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Translating International Treaties

Language translation services have made treaties between nations a possibility. Without the work of translators and interpreters who break language barriers country leaders would be unable to communicate, reach an agreement, and sign a treaty. Professional translators who specialize in international relations and contracts typically have a ton of experience in document translation services and can accommodate the needs of politicians who hope to sign a treaty or free trade pact with another…


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Perfect Terrains for Mountain Biking in Morzine

One of the sports that is gaining popularity these days is mountain biking. This is a fun sport, but to fully enjoy it you must ride your bike on rugged terrains. There are many areas especially in the countryside that feature these rugged terrains. If you are a mountain biking enthusiast, one of the best places to enjoy this sport is in the Alps, in an area known as Morzine. Not only does this area have the perfect terrains for biking, the area also offers beautiful views of the…


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kenya safari/Migration kenya safaris

Kenya family safari masai mara/Migration safari Kenya, Migration and Mobasa…


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Dragon Boat Festival in Guangzhou

The Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional Chinese festival with more than 2000-year history, which started from the Warring States Period.


There are many folk stories about the origin of the Dragon Boat Festival. One version is to memorize the great poet Qu Yuan. One version goes that it’s for Cao…


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Summer Palace Tour

Last Qingming Festival, I had a visit to the Summer Palace with one of my best friend, David Lu, who visited me from Yantan, Shandong Province.

It was really amazing…


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Greece's Island of Leros

Some Greek islands suffer from the effects of ‘kalimari and chips’ mass tourism. But, sometimes, you only need to take a short trip in a ferry or a kaiki to enter a different world altogether.

Let’s look at one of the lesser-known islands, Leros. There are jails and mental institutions here, and the name is similar to the Greek word for a rogue or a rascal. This…


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Fallas from Valencia

If you would ask someone about a festival in Spain, everybody would think automatically in ‘The Running of the Bulls’ festival (San Fermin) from Pamplona or the Tomato festival. However, Spanish festivals are much more than that. Fallas (Valencia) is one of those unnoticed festivals for the majority of the foreigners but its craziness and madness doesn’t have anything to envy to the most famous ones.

This festival has its origins in the middle Ages and it marks the arrival of…


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Bangkok city in Thailand

Perhaps you have dreamt of visiting Bangkok city in Thailand? Well, this is a about time you make your dreams be realized. It’s no longer a wealthy men tour only. I guarantee that you could visit this city even though with a tight budget. It’s interesting that there is not any must sacrifice your delicious meals or comfort to make it with this trip. Goods fact, visiting Bangkok is really a compromise on your budget in comparison with visiting other cities like Singapore. However, the city…


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Meet the Adorable Sloths of Costa Rica

Sloth babies at the Sloth Sanctuary The latest celebrity stars of Costa Rica are cute and lovable, with masked furry faces that seem to smile beatifically. In a country full of…


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Sunday, March 9, 2014                


Citymeals-on-Wheels Board of Directors Co-President Chef Daniel Boulud will continue his long-time support of Citymeals-on-Wheels with his famed Sunday Dinner at DANIEL. This year’s theme will be…


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