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Rome's Talking Statues

From the end of the 16th and for most of the 17th century, certain statues became a focal point for cutting satires and other works by unknown writers.…


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Neighborhood Focus: Madison Square Park


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Coffee Types: A Deeper Understanding

Ever wonder why your neighbors aren’t just growing their own coffee beans in the backyard garden? That’s because the world’s best coffee, the kind you get at your favorite coffee shop needs just the right climate.

The mountains of southern Colombia to the Kona Coast, from the highlands of Papua New Guinea to the foothills of Mt. Kenya, are ideal.…


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The family of wild dolphins in Troia, Portugal

They're friendly, cute and crazy about children. They're a family of resident dolphins that live in the Sado estuary called "bottlenose", a very common specie of dolphins. We all love to see dolphins and for

many people the only way to do this is by visiting an aquarium. In

Troia you have the opportunity of seeing them in the wild.

Each dolphin has been identified and has a name.

Visit our blog and know more about them:…


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The Moscatel of Setubal, Portugal

The Moscatel of Setubal

Portugal is one of the most renowned producers of wine in the world and this large area of Setubal, influenced by proximity of the sea, soil poverty, and by low productions is the cradle of the famous…


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Exploring the Meatpacking District

By Samantha Nicholson

The Meatpacking District was once home to hundreds of slaughterhouses and packing plants. It was…


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Working together towards our common goals

In a world such as ours it is essential to work together in order to achieve goals If attempted alone it is not possible. Since West Africa Discovery started we have made a big effort to develop partnerships to help develop Responsible Tourism in West African region. We are extremely grateful to our…

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Come rain or shine, West Africa has it all!

Sitting in the cabin of a hotel security guard in the Gambia, sipping Ataya ( a bitter tea), I was deep in discussion about tourism in the area, and the decline in the so called ‘beach tourists’ over the…


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North Pakistan (Trekking, tours & Expeditions to Gilgit-Baltistan)


At the western end of the great Asian high-mountains system, the Karakorum, Hindukush and Himalaya ranges all coverage in a landscape of truly breathtaking scale. Mountains typically rise above 6000m, with more than 160…


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Snowpocalypse Never: In Quebec, Winter's Just an Excuse to Kick It Up a Notch

Folks in large swaths of the USA’s Northeast have been shellshocked by the so-called “snowpocalypse” (or is it snowmageddon?) these past several days, but meanwhile, up here in southern Quebec, I’ve been witnessing firsthand how little the locals let a little weather slow them down. In fact, they take it up a notch. Even with average annual snowfalls of 14 feet (4 meters) and subfreezing temperatures, for the past 55 years Quebeckers have thrown their own pre-Lenten… Continue

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Immerse yourself in the beauty of the rugged African Jungle…………….


Nyungwe Forest Lodge is nearing completion and will be

fully operational in 2010. The lodge is an amazing addition to the tourism offering in Rwanda and can now be used to showcase to international travelers, the unbelievably beautiful Nyungwe Forest.

The lodge will operate as half board

including Breakfast, Dinner and selected beverages. The lodge offers a relaxation retreat, infinity pool with Bistro lunch dining,…


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Exhuming President James Monroe (1758-1831) 5th President of the United States. Removed from NYC’s Marble Cemetery in 1858

By Jack Stanley

Removing the coffin from the vault

Monroe’s coffin on display at New York’s City hall on July 3, 1858. Before the body was taken to Virginia for burial…It must of had a rather musty smell after being in a vault for 27 years…But there seems to be no mention of it. The smell I guess was not too strong as the inner coffin was switched to a new one. The inner coffin was made of lead, and it was placed inside a… Continue

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Walking Tour of Hue Citadel, Vietnam.

I was in Vietnam last November - was lucky to catch Hanoi's weather at its best, and was even luckier to find Central Vietnam at its sunniest (a fluke, I'm assured by people who know the place). The sunburn I got from tramping all over Hue was worth it.

Here's a walking tour of the Hue Citadel that I wrote up, might give you an idea as… Continue

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Sunny Sequim on the Olympic Peninsula

Sequim, Port Angeles and the Olympic Peninsula have so much to offer. Enjoy these recent promotional videos commissioned by our local community. Perhaps you’ll be inspired to come stay with us and enjoy all that the area has to offer.

Posted on George Washington Inn's blog:

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An Inn for All Seasons

When the new owners of The Inn of the White Salmon acquired the vintage hotel located in the scenic hub of one of the Pacific Northwest's richest recreational and viticultural areas, they had a clear vision. The guest rooms were a dated hodgepodge of grandmother's attic furnishings and the amenities were minimal. Today, the inn has been transformed into one of Washington's great European-style boutique inns, offering deluxe suites and… Continue

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Africa Cup of Nations: Young Ghana team falter in the final

Last Sunday, on a cold day in London, I was settled in for a day of sport which of…


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Dubrovnik day and Festivity of St. Blaise

City of Dubrovnik and his patron St. Blaise living in the unbreakable connection for a centuries. Besides being the patron of the city, the figure of St.. Blaise is included in the symbolism of Dubrovnik and its history: the flag of Dubrovnik has the image of the saint, the money in the…


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SouthAmerica.travel Celebrates 10 Years of Travel to South America

2009 marks SouthAmerica.travel’s ten year anniversary arranging comprehensive tours through South America with the idea of delivering a European-style 4**** and 5***** experience to the sophisticated traveler. The company is nowadays widely recognized in the travel industry, and has a broad understanding not just of the diverse regions they cover, from the equator to the South Pole, but also of the organization of tours for individuals as well as any sized groups throughout South America. This… Continue

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Bénin: tourism profile of a unique west African country

Bénin, a former French Colony in the Central West of Africa lies east of Togo, west of Nigeria and south of Burkina Faso and Niger. It is one of the smallest countries in West Africa, and is a place of unusual beauty. This destination is home to rich natural and cultural…

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