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What Tripatini Can Do for You, in 3 Easy Steps

Tripatini is much more than a hip & happening place to hang out with travel-loving friends from around the planet. Whether you're a garden-variety traveler, a vendor, a journalist, a publicist, or anybody involved in the wide & wonderful world of travel, you can make Tripatini work for you.

Here's how.


1. Join groups. We cover most destinations & interests, and if we don't, create your own group! Groups draw like-minded members who can help each other travel smarter.

2. Get answers. You can post a question on a group's Wall, or you can ask one or more members directly in a private message. Don't be shy, we're all here to learn and help each other travel better & smarter.

3. Tell your friends & colleagues about Tripatini. More members means more tips, more info, and, of course, more fun. Just click on INVITE on the navigation bar on top and follow the easy instructions.


1. Use your profile Text Box. This is the place to tell the world about yourself, your company, your services, your resumé, anything at all that will help you promote yourself and help others. It's easy, too:

a. Click on MY PAGE in the navigation bar on top
b. Scroll down till you see the green TEXT bar
c. Click on EDIT
d. Type or cut and paste your text into the box. Remember to put your company name, Web site URL, resumé, anything you wish. You can also add pix by clicking on the camera icon and embed videos by pasting the embed code.

2. Join groups in your areas of expertise. Weigh in, opine, offer advice. It's a great way to promote your services or organization while helping others. Tripatini also helps you keep your finger on the pulse of the traveling public, which is vital to success in today's highly competitive climate.

3. Create groups relevant to your interests. If there's no group for your interests, create one! It doesn't matter how arcane the subject, there will be others who share your interests and a group is an excellent way to reach out and establish yourself and/or your company as a leader in the field.

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