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How do I add a blog post?

Having your own travel blog is easy on Tripatini!

You may also get more eyes on your content than if you host your own blog elsewhere, as your posts may appear on our home page, where they will be seen by our community of avid travelers and travel pros.

There are two ways to add your blog post. Clicking on "BLOG" on the green navigation bar will take you to the list of Featured Member Blog Posts. Click on the link above right which reads "+ ADD A BLOG POST." This will take you to a self-explanatory page with a text window to input your content. There is also a "+ ADD A BLOG POST" link on the home page below the "Your Blog Posts" feed of the latest featured posts.

Posting guidelines

You are free to post pretty much anything in your blog space. Depending on content, however, not all blog posts will appear on the home page blog feed. To get yours on the home page feed, make sure that it:

1. Is travel-related (obviously).
2. Is substantive and complete in and of itself (not a brief excerpt or call-out, linking to another site).
3. Is not obviously commercial in character.
4. Is not an obvious press release.

Businesses and public relations representatives, fear not! To make sure your commercial announcements and press releases can be seen on our home page feed, post them in our Bulletin Board forum; that feed is found in the right column.

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