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Travel experts answer consumers’ toughest questions on free travel forum


New York – April 20, 2011 – Ultimate travel authority Arthur Frommer, creator of the Frommer’s travel guidebook series and Web site as well as Arthur Frommer’s Budget Travel magazine, has just pronounced travel social network’s “Ask a Travel Pro” forum “an excellent travel service on the Internet” in a blog post published on April 19, 2011 on

“If the travel question is too difficult for even the strongest information website, if you've searched in vain for answers to seemingly-insoluble travel conundrums, then you'll want to click on the words ‘Ask a Travel Pro’ at the top of the social-networking website known as,” Mr. Frommer writes, adding that “Countless travel wizards … (and) prolific travel writers have signed up with to answer the most difficult travel questions.”

Ask A Travel Pro, a special question-and-answer forum on (the social network the New York Post called “Facebook for travelers”), connects travel consumers around the globe with industry experts who provide valuable information in response to their toughest questions.

The forum offers travel industry professionals endless opportunities to establish expertise and build followers for their own products, services, and outlets. Travel consumers walk away with diverse expert travel advice for their next trip.

Ask a Travel Pro is free and simple. To participate, consumers and travel experts can ask and answer questions, as well as follow a live feed of the latest discussion topics on the home page. There’s also an easy-to-install widget, convenient for desktop and website use, available on both sites.

“Ask a Travel Pro takes the potential of social networking to a whole new level,” says Tripatini founder and CEO David Paul Appell. “Ultimately, social networks are about communication, and we facilitate communication on the most fundamental and useful level: ask a question, get an answer.”

Tripatini president José Balido adds, “On today’s vastly cluttered Internet, many travelers don’t know where to begin searching for information. Tripatini’s Ask a Travel Pro tool helps travelers cut through the clutter, saving both time and money.”


Launched in August 2009, differs from other travel social networks in promoting direct access to thousands of travel journalists and industry professionals from nearly 200 countries on every continent, including hotels/resorts, airlines, cruise lines, national and local tourism boards, car rental companies, and more. Forums such as “Ask A Travel Pro” and hundreds of others allow travelers to get specifically tailored advice from experts, and allows the professionals to promote their services, destinations, and reporting directly to the traveling public. For testimonials, backgrounders, and other information, check the Tripatini media room or contact José Balido.


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David Paul Appell, Founder and CEO, enjoying a glass of horchata in Valencia, Spain.


José Balido, Co-Founder and President, at the Coliseum in Rome.


"FACEBOOK for travelers. That's the aim of [Tripatini], a social networking site of, for and by travelers - from writers to flight attendants and travel agents - focusing on over 250 global locations."
New York Post / New York, NY

"[Tripatini] connects travelers in need with professionals who can help. (...) I'm simply impressed ̶ enormously impressed ̶ by it."
Arthur Frommer on / New York, NY

"I love Tripatini better than Trip Advisor!"
Nayaz Noor, CEO, / Secunderabad, India

"Much cooler than 90% of new travel sites..."
Max Hartshorne, Editor of / South Deerfield, MA

"This is probably the best venue for our social networking efforts in the travel biz."
Laurie McKenzie, McKenzies' Trails West / Cline, Alberta, Canada

"Potentially a fantastic backdoor route for scoring expert advice from the people who travel and explore for a living!"
Alistair Wearmouth on, Travel Editor / Washington, DC

"By the time they reach their first million members, [Tripatini] can become a good promotional vehicle."
Chris Robles, Director of Marketing for the Brunei Tourism Development Department / Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei

"Fantastic concept for the travel industry - will be sure to invite all our colleagues in Australia and NZ."
Tess Willcox, Senior Account Manager at World Resorts of Distinction / QLD, Australia

"I love Tripatini and always get great travel ideas from your fabulous site!"
Sharon Spence Lieb, Travel Journalist / Charleston, SC

"Great idea and vision, for everyone who travels....anywhere."
Patricia Aitken, Travel Agent / Eagle Point, OR

"It's great to see someone doing something proactive instead of just whining about the state of the travel industry!"
Alan Solomon, Travel Journalist / Chicago, IL

"I am very excited about this site and am looking forward to participating."
Carol Fravel, Travel Agent / San Jose, CA

"This is a beautiful website. I'll use some of the information in my Travel Tips column."
Betty Austin-Ware, Travel Journalist / Fort Mill, SC

"A great organization for quality travel & culinary connections."
Leigh Cort, Publicist / Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

"I am a hold-out -- have resisted joining any other online networking site -- no MySpace or Facebook for me. :-) "
Sharon Rooney, Publicist / Windsor, CA 

"What a great site for resources!"
Tanja Rieck, Travel Agent / Redwood City, CA



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