Top 10 Places to visit in Nainital, North India

The Nainital is one of the popular tourist destinations in the state of Uttarakhand in North India. It occupies the Himalayas, which is above 6837-ft above the mean seas level. It boasts several mountain lakes, waterfalls, accessible mountain peaks and wildlife.

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  • Nainital Lake

This is a natural mountain lake and the center of attraction of the Nainital. This is an eye shaped lake with many lakeside resorts and star hotels for tourist’s accommodation. It boats boating facilities for the local and foreign tourists.

  • Naina Devi Temple

The Naina Devi Temple has the legends from the Vedic texts. This is the place, where the Parvathi’s (concert of Lord Shiva) eye fell; when Lord Shiva took, her dead body and roam around this world after her Sathi. Hence, the Naina Lake emerged out naturally. This temple is on the lakeside and popular among women to come and pray to get boons.

  • Snow View Point

This is just a 3-km away from Nainital town. You have to go in the cable car and reach the top place. It is 9000-ft above the mean sea level. You can see the snow clad mighty Himalayan peak from this point. On the way to this viewpoint, you can also see the beautiful valley and Nina Lake as bird’s eye view.   

  • Naina Peak

This Himalayan mountain peak of the low ranges is visible from the Nainital Lake. You can get their by simple trekking. When you reach the top peak, you are at an altitude of 8579-ft above the mean sea level. You can get the beautiful gimps of the Nainital.

  • Nainital Zoo  

This is a high altitude Zoo in the Tallital. It is the best place to take a day trip for the families with young children, animal and bird lovers. It protects some of the endangered species of flora and fauna in this national zoo in Nainital.

  • Khurpa Taal

This lake is 12-km avail from Nainital. It is the best place for the lovers and honeymoon goers. This is a scenic lake amidst the pine forest. Its water is much clear than the Nainital. You can see many fresh water fishes on this lake.

  • Mall Road

This is the road just lying side by the Naini Lake. It has many budget hotels, restraints and local vendors selling traditional art and crafts. This place is always busy with people. It looks nice in the evening with lightings.

  • Eco Cave Garden

This is a government maintained park, which is 3-km away from Nainital. There are six connected caves and a hanging garden. You can see some mountain cliffs from the top place of this garden. This is ticked place and open to public.  

  • Land's End

This is a top mountain cliff area, when there is a steep and a mountain plateau lies down this cliff. The Khurpa Tal is visible from this top height of 6498-ft above the mean sea level. You can have the glimpse of its scenic villages and the pine forest.

  • Raj Bhawan

If you wish to see the Buckingham Palace in Nainital, the Raj Bhawan is the replica of this palace. This is a century old building. Now, it houses the Governor of the Uttarakhand State. It looks as beautiful as a colonial building on this mountain with lush green surrounding.

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