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  • Botswana

    25 members Latest Activity: Sep 6 A relatively prosperous safari superstar in southern Africa, its also home to most of the continent's San (bushmen).

  • Brazil

    78 members Latest Activity: Aug 1 South America's largest (and many would say sexiest) country has a lifetime's worth of experiences waiting, from the sands of Copacabana to the…

  • British Virgin Islands

    26 members Latest Activity: Jul 8 These 60-some islands are known for superlative boating, angling and diving; funky beach bars; and exclusive resorts. But the BVI''s also have some…

  • Broadway Babies

    20 members Latest Activity: Jul 23 Curtain up, light the lights! News & info for visitors about Broadway's best.

  • Brunei

    19 members Latest Activity: Jun 25 Ruled by one of the world's wealthiest individuals, this small, singular sultanate surrounded by Malaysia (most Bruneians are ethnic Malay) is an…

  • Budget Travel

    183 members Latest Activity: Jun 27 Making your buck, quid, etc. go further has never been more important in these times. Fortunately there are still tons of strategies for taking off…

  • Bulgaria

    36 members Latest Activity: May 5 One of Eastern Europe's lesser known countries is surprisingly diverse considering its size, from its mild Black Sea coast (Varna is quite the…

  • Bulletin Board

    280 members Latest Activity: Aug 9

    The place to publish all your travel-related non-blog posts re products, services, announcements, and more! Please use the group's Discussion…

  • Bus/Coach Travel

    26 members Latest Activity: Jun 9

    Whether for regular long-distance bus service, organized coach tours, or local sightseeing tours, of all forms of transportation these big boxes…

  • Business Travel

    119 members Latest Activity: Jul 19

    Whether you're a road warrior or corporate travel manager, post your questions, comments, and tips here. Maybe some of your frustrations will ease…

  • California

    187 members Latest Activity: yesterday

    America's most populous state is practically a country unto itself, divided between green north and arid south. Highlights: San Francisco, Los…

  • Cambodia

    49 members Latest Activity: Aug 4

    The once great Indochinese kingdom that's home to glorious Angkor Wat & the proud Khmer civilization has seen a tourism boom in recent years,…

  • Cameroon

    15 members Latest Activity: Jul 18

    Better known as a football (soccer) force than tourist destination, this peaceful central African land offers some stunning eco, including superb…

  • Camping Corner

    39 members Latest Activity: on Saturday

    Where your travel experiences get particularly in-tents (or RV's).

  • Canada

    199 members Latest Activity: Jul 25

    Wide-open spaces, sizzling slopes, cosmopolitan cities, and plenty more, eh?

  • Canary Islands

    12 members Latest Activity: Jul 13

    The Canary Islands , also known as the Canaries (Spanish: Canarias), is a Spanish archipelago located just off the northwest coast of…

  • Cape Verde

    15 members Latest Activity: Aug 2

    An Portuguese-speaking democracy of ten mostly arid volcanic islands off the coast of West Africa, it’s leveraged its sun, surf, and beaches into…

  • Car Rental/Car Hire

    37 members Latest Activity: Jul 4

    Wherever you are & whatever your ride, here's a place to share car rental tips and strategies to help you save & be safe.

  • Car-Free Travel

    26 members Latest Activity: Jul 15 Tips and suggestions on places to enjoy without renting wheels (bicycles excluded, of course).

  • Caribbean Forum

    190 members Latest Activity: Sep 6

    This fabled sea, covering more than a million square miles and 7,000 islands with diverse languages, cultures, and ecosystems, has become probably…

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