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  • Bulletin Board

    282 members Latest Activity: Jun 20

    The place to publish all your travel-related non-blog posts re products, services, announcements, and more! Please use the group's Discussion…

  • Jamaica

    46 members Latest Activity: Jun 13

    One of the Caribbean's largest islands famously has its problems, but also plenty of rewards, from the cliffs of…

  • Adventure Travel

    408 members Latest Activity: Jul 20 From the great outdoors up to xtreme sports, here it's all about the fresh air and the adrenaline, baby...

  • Ecotourism

    372 members Latest Activity: on Thursday

    Into the world's unspoiled natural places, with awe and respect. And if you're willing to give up your A/C and TV, you can even do a lot of it for…

  • Dominica

    26 members Latest Activity: Apr 27 "Nature Island" packs a whole lot of eco into 290 square miles (750 km2), including rain forests, hundreds of rivers, a boiling lake,…

  • Cayman Islands

    35 members Latest Activity: May 18

    Still a British colony, three Caymans are exceptionally civilized & gloriously tropical, offering barefoot simplicity & luxe bells &…

  • US Virgin Islands

    38 members Latest Activity: Jun 7

    These three islands each offer something a little different. St. Thomas is the busy cruise port and shopping mecca. St. Croix has more history and…

  • British Virgin Islands

    28 members Latest Activity: May 25 These 60-some islands are known for superlative boating, angling and diving; funky beach bars; and exclusive resorts. But the BVI''s also have some…

  • St. Martin/Sint Maarten

    26 members Latest Activity: May 2 Half-French, half-Dutch, all fun!

  • Barbados

    42 members Latest Activity: May 22

    Help for visiting a lovely corner of the Caribbean not known for its bargains...

  • Antigua/Barbuda

    28 members Latest Activity: Jul 19 This pair of West Indies serves up different vibes: lots of historic sites, resorts, dining & shopping on larger Antigua, barefoot elegance on…

  • Anguilla

    29 members Latest Activity: Jul 11 One of the Caribbean's more petite isles (just three miles wide!), it's crammed with bodacious beaches, dandy dining & diving, & some of the region's…

  • St. Lucia

    33 members Latest Activity: Jun 10 Much more than your standard isle of Caribbee, with UNESCO World Heritage site volcanic peaks, particularly fetching resorts, great diving, and a…

  • Martinique

    25 members Latest Activity: Jul 5 With its capital Fort-de-France, this lush, beachy isle may be in the Caribbean, but it's a département of la belle France -- meaning a delicious…

  • Puerto Rico

    55 members Latest Activity: Jun 11

    Wepa! This Latino commonwealth of the U.S. remains a holiday gem, whether it's the bright lights and colonial quarter of…

  • Diving/Snorkeling

    81 members Latest Activity: May 10

    Dive, we said: Down into the deep blue, all over the planet.

  • St. Barts

    18 members Latest Activity: Jun 5 Few Caribbean islands have a chicer vibe than this member of the French Antilles -- and few are as pricey. Pas trop cher, c'est possible ici?

  • Trinidad & Tobago

    24 members Latest Activity: Jul 8

    One of the Caribbean's more culturally interesting countries, this pair of islands just off the coast of Venezuela is not only the home of calypso…

  • Cuba

    73 members Latest Activity: Jun 16 Despite everything, the Caribbean's most impressive island offers one of the world's great travel experiences, from its music and culture to Havana…

  • Costa Rica

    129 members Latest Activity: Jul 3

    It's truly remarkable how much this small Central American country packs in, from shimmering beaches to live volcanoes to mysterious cloud…

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