Something Creative Bali's Groups (13)

  • Videographers of Travel

    29 members Latest Activity: Aug 15

    A forum for travel video/film producers, their issues, and their work.

  • Shopping the World

    55 members Latest Activity: Jul 30 For everyone for whom shopping's a big part of the fun of travel -- whether it's for exotic souvenirs in Bali, custom-tailored suits in Bangkok, or…

  • Festivals Fairs & Fiestas

    59 members Latest Activity: Oct 3

    The world's most affordable celebrations, plus some strategies for stretching your budget for the less affordable ones!

  • Adventure Travel

    408 members Latest Activity: Oct 8 From the great outdoors up to xtreme sports, here it's all about the fresh air and the adrenaline, baby...

  • Cultural Tourism/Travel

    223 members Latest Activity: Sep 22

    Cultural experiences are among the key reasons many of us travel, and they are manifold, from performances to exhibitions to festivals. Here the…

  • Movies & Travel

    62 members Latest Activity: Jul 20 How many times have you seen a movie and said "I'd love to go there!" or "Hey, cool, I was there!"? Movies can both inspire travel dreams and bring…

  • Foodie Forum

    346 members Latest Activity: Sep 17

    We all know how much local foods and libations can define our travel experiences. Here we share the planet's top culinary experiences. Eat, drink,…

  • Diving/Snorkeling

    81 members Latest Activity: Sep 2

    Dive, we said: Down into the deep blue, all over the planet.

  • Ecotourism

    371 members Latest Activity: Jul 22

    Into the world's unspoiled natural places, with awe and respect. And if you're willing to give up your A/C and TV, you can even do a lot of it for…

  • Cultural Tourism Industry

    100 members Latest Activity: Sep 13

    Experiencing culture is a passion, a science and a business. This group is for professionals creating the best cultural tours and travelers who…

  • Beach-Bumming

    89 members Latest Activity: Aug 24

    Vamos a la playa! The best beaches you've ever been to, from hopping to hideaway.

  • Media Corner

    1445 members Latest Activity: Sep 8

    Writers, editors, photogs, broadcasters & bloggers share tips, leads, ideas, news, gripes. PR reps/journos ISO press releases/trips, see also…

  • Indonesia

    73 members Latest Activity: Oct 12 One of the world's largest countries, this 18,000-island archipelago mixes Muslim & Hindu, & boasts an extraordinary culture & cuisine. Highlights:…

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