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  • Equatorial Guinea

    6 members Latest Activity: Dec 4, 2017

    Africa's only Spanish-speaking country is a repressive dictatorship that was until fairly recently fairly closed off to most visitors. But this…

  • India Tours

    5 members Latest Activity: Jun 21, 2017

    Plan India tours to discover  Indian festivals, rich legacies of culture,…

  • Poconos Mountains, Pennsylvania

    7 members Latest Activity: Jan 11

    A lovely region spread over four counties in northeast Pennsylvania, the Poconos offer spectacular scenery and soft adventure possibilities along…

  • Chinese Culture/Language - 中文交谈俱乐部

    38 members Latest Activity: Jan 13


    The language and ancient culture of China includes not just the world's most enormous country but spreads across various…

  • Meteora, Greece

    8 members Latest Activity: Jan 29

    How could anyone describe this astonishing geological phenomenon, the breathtaking landscape, the inspiration and spirituality felt, the awe…

  • Senegal

    20 members Latest Activity: Feb 2

    A peaceful, French- and Wolof-speaking Muslim country in West Africa, outside capital Dakar are great beaches, nature, village culture and of…

  • Ontario

    13 members Latest Activity: Feb 2

    Ontario is as diverse in landscape and scenery as it is in experiences and adventure. Each region of the province offers unique discoveries and…

  • Yoga

    24 members Latest Activity: Jan 6 The Indian spiritual disciplines which modifies body and mind to perfection, naturally, and the many travel destinations & retreats devoted to it.

  • Hiking/Trekking

    71 members Latest Activity: 5 hours ago

    Over hill, over dale, all over the world...!

  • Currency Desk

    17 members Latest Activity: Jan 2

    Money makes the world go around -- & you go around the world. Here are the ins & outs of currency exchange, credit/debit cards, travelers…

  • Pakistan

    20 members Latest Activity: Jan 28 This south Asian country has been in the news aplenty recently -- but less well known is that tourism is still a growing industry because of its…

  • Photography

    222 members Latest Activity: Dec 4, 2017 Whether you're an amateur or a pro, here's a place to discuss techniques, gear, great places to take pictures, and more -- whether about travel,…

  • South Dakota

    12 members Latest Activity: Dec 7, 2017 The better known Dakota thanks mostly to Mount Rushmore, as well as the Black Hills and Badlands it's got spectacular lake country, native American…

  • Washington DC

    55 members Latest Activity: Feb 2 It's one of the world's most powerful cities, with fabulous museums, historic sites, culture, dining, shopping, & nightlife. Yet for all its high…

  • Vacation/Holiday Rentals

    125 members Latest Activity: on Monday Snagging an apartment, bungalow, villa, or pretty much any space of your own definitely has its advantages -- financial and otherwise. And sometimes…

  • Deals & Packages

    109 members Latest Activity: Jan 6 Travelers, tour operators, and others clue us in on today's top bargains!

  • Nepal

    63 members Latest Activity: 5 hours ago Its capital Kathmandu, this rugged Himalayan land famous as home to Mount Everest and Annapurna is calm these days, and still pretty popular with the…

  • Spain

    173 members Latest Activity: Dec 4, 2017

    Take it from us, this impressive, progressive country's miles beyond bullfights, flamenco, & mass beach tourism, with historic sights reaching…

  • Greece

    99 members Latest Activity: Jan 28 Whether it's glorious ancient history, scrumptious cuisine, or the plethora of sun-splashed Aegean islands, Hellas is hot! Opa!

  • History & Archaeology

    134 members Latest Activity: Jan 5

    Shovel bum or history buff, if exploring the past is a big part of travel's allure for you, here's how to save while doing it, from hamming it up…



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