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  • Travelers Across the Globe Explore India

    6 members Latest Activity: Mar 24

    This group is dedicated to backpackers and travelers who are or willing to visit India and explore the culture, religion, places and many…

  • Luxury Adventure Travel

    27 members Latest Activity: Jun 30 Luxury adventure travel combines the worlds of adventure & luxury all into one neat package & gives the traveler the opportunity to…

  • Pakistan

    23 members Latest Activity: Jun 1 This south Asian country has been in the news aplenty recently -- but less well known is that tourism is still a growing industry because of its…

  • Berlin

    34 members Latest Activity: May 1 One of Europe's coolest capitals offers a unique mix of history, lifestyle and culture. Since the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, the German capital…

  • Festivals Fairs Fiestas

    60 members Latest Activity: Jul 2

    The world's most affordable celebrations, plus some strategies for stretching your budget for the less affordable ones!

  • China

    114 members Latest Activity: Jul 4 A gargantuan mix of modern and primitive, free and restrictive, China has some of the most impressive and iconic sights in the world, as well as some…

  • Yoga

    25 members Latest Activity: Jul 7 The Indian spiritual disciplines which modifies body and mind to perfection, naturally, and the many travel destinations & retreats devoted to it.

  • Astrology & Travel

    36 members Latest Activity: Jun 17 Once people navigated by the positions of the stars. Today, astrology can serve as a kind of spiritual travel agent, telling you, for example, about…

  • Orlando

    44 members Latest Activity: Jul 10

    One of the most visited destination in the travel universe, greater Orlando in central Florida has the famous theme parks, of course, but also…

  • Rome, 'The Eternal City'

    49 members Latest Activity: May 29

    Anything and everything about Rome -- facts, history, stories, legends, curiosities, as well as dining, shopping, lodging & attractions -- for…

  • Armenia

    22 members Latest Activity: Jun 28 Once part of the USSR, this small, mountainous republic has an ancient history -- & the monuments, attractions, culture & cuisine to prove it.…

  • Antarctica

    32 members Latest Activity: Jun 15 The "final frontier" of travel on Earth, this majestic frozen continent isn't easy or inexpensive to get to. But many of those who have count it a…

  • Missouri

    33 members Latest Activity: Jun 16 The birthplace of Mark Twain and Harry Truman offers nature (especially in the Ozarks); frontier, Civil War, and other history; country music…

  • Philippines

    54 members Latest Activity: on Wednesday

    Not a conventional travel destination for most, this 7,000-island Pacific archipelago offers a mix of cultures, eco-tourism, beaches &…

  • Switzerland

    71 members Latest Activity: on Friday Heidi-ho! The country that's practically synonymous with banking, skiing, and breathtaking mountains also has great food, history, and culture.…

  • Poland

    48 members Latest Activity: Apr 20 Outside cosmopolitan Warsaw, Eastern Europe's largest country is well worth the trip for its atmospheric, historic cities like Cracow; Europe's…

  • Latvia

    19 members Latest Activity: May 21 The middle one of the three Baltic republics, it's got a historic but swinging capital, Riga, along with lots more history, beaches, and nature than…

  • Jordan

    29 members Latest Activity: Mar 19 The Hashemite Kingdom holds some of the great mysteries of the Holy Land -- and some pretty good deals, too. The ancient Nabatean city of Petra is…

  • Austria

    42 members Latest Activity: Jun 23 The hills are alive with...skiing, history, and culture galore!

  • Family Travel

    259 members Latest Activity: Jun 10

    Hitting the road with the brood can strain anyone's wallet. Here are the whats, hows, and wheres that can stretch your family's travel budget.

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