I have been traveling for the good portion of a decade and a half. Often I traveled alone, sometimes with friends, sometimes the partners, but always with a passion for the road. You can say back 15 years ago, the gypsy wandering lifestyle was much less trendy. This is before the start of travel blogs and at the time when people still bought actual books about countries to learn where to go. We went to internet cafés to send emails to our parents, took photos with film, and bought plane tickets at travel agencies.

The first time I left the country whose passport I possessed, I was 20 and had a socially accepted plan of spending one year studying in Europe. When after one year I realized it just wasn't nearly enough, I decided not to go back to my expected trajectory and instead I just kept on going. From then on, I was asked so many times what I was running from that I began to believe it myself.

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