Segway Tours are becoming increasingly popular in cities both large and small throughout the United States. They are an excellent way to see tourist sites without having to be cooped up in a tour bus.

I like traveling very much. After all, it is - new experiences, new knowledge, inspiration at last. And after such a cool holiday, why not write an essay, based on pleasant memories.

So Segway tours are great fun for older kids who will enjoy cruising around on their personal segway! An added benefit of segway tours is that they are able to cover a wider area than a walking tour within the same time frame.

For those who do not know, help from Wikipedia: Segway is an electric self-balancing vehicle with two wheels located on both sides of the driver, looks like a chariot. Invented by Dean Kamen. The name of the manufacturer's company, transferred to the vehicle itself - “Segway” - comes from the musical term “segve” (ital. Segue [ˈsegwe], which means “follow, go for”). The words "scooter" and "scooter" are also used as names.

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