In 2008, Jules Klar founded Rocket Ship Tours.  I had the pleasure of meeting him at a Las Vegas Luxury Show.  The concept was a one on one experience in a designed rocketship for suborbital space.  He initiated a partnership with XCOR who subsequently took over ownership after Mr. Klar passed in 2011. 

The tour pre-sold at $95,000 selling 175 flights of one to one experience inclusive LYNX Mark II, astronaut, space suit, simulated preparation for space travel, jet travel and accommodations.

In 2016, XCOR laid off a large portion of their workers.  

Initially, as part of their first sales team, the product was open to the professional travel consultants.  The market for space tourism was very difficult to promote.  The company offered brochures only, one day training, no marketing support. 

The experience fit into the category of "Extreme Adventure."

Discussion is welcomed for competitive companies, and development of Space Tourism. 

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  • space tourism is definitely becoming a reality with RocketShip Tours, Space Adventures, and Virgin Galactic all getting into the game....

  • I want to be in THIS group!!!! Big Time Trekkie!!!!
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XCOR went Bankrupt in 2017

My story is that I was one of the original travel agents interested in selling the Lynx.  It was difficult.  The price was lower than Virgin Galactic and the idea was novel.  I didn't have clientele interested in that type of extreme adventure.  About a year after the XCOR launch, they released my contract for no sales.  It seemed that they also didn't have a marketing team.  I am sure I have the original brochure somewhere. then again, I might have put it in the recycle bin.  I still have…

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