I've been asked by a reader for advice on planning a four-month trip to Europe... She's going solo for the first time and wants to see it all - way more than her time permits. If you can provide any advice on her itinerary, she'd be very grateful! You can see the post right here..

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Leyla, there was a similar question at Tripatini's Ask A Travel Pro widgeta month or two ago. The replies actually convinced the traveler to scale down his ambitions to visit so much territory in so short a time.  Have a look at the comments.
Will do - thanks Ed!
I think one week per city is plenty and if your reader is young, she will get restless if she spends more than a week in any one place. I've done the eurailppass adventure from denmark to morocco and from Praga to Rome and i wouldn't trade it for anything. it all depnds on the stage of life that ur in, when i was 25 i had the energy and desire to zip around and see as much as i could, and specially if its a first trip to Europe. So four months=16 weeks, i think 16 cities by train is more than doable and frankly i wish i could righht now too!
I totally agree with Maria. Age and energy are the two top factors, and it's more than possible to "see it all" (or most)  in four months. The key is to remain as flexible as possible, and a lot also depends on her tastes. If she gets, say, to Brussels she might find she's ready to move on in 3 days -- or she might be so taken with the museums and restaurants that a week might not be enough. Conversely, you could spend well over a week in London, Paris, Barcelona, Rome, Prague, etc.
Thank you all so much for these replies! Really helpful! :-)


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