TravelSlut's June 18-30 trip report with Krewe de Krazy Life on Trip #11
This trip report is more like a daily diary for my 11th trip to Hedonism II resort in Negril, Jamaica from June 18-30 and includes my week with the Krewe de Krazy Life (June 20-27).

Thursday, June 17 (Toga Theme Night)

Southwest Airlines #272 Orlando to Montego Bay after spending the night at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge. The International check-in at end of the main area was empty and getting through security was easy. Once onboard, free drinks were offered to everyone to get the vacation started!

95 minutes later at Montego Bay the Immigration line was LONG and I was not offered the new self-service immigration kiosks but waited over an hour to get to my complete the immigration, customs and luggage retrieval.

Rocky's Taxi Service employee Santana was patiently waiting for me outside in the private transfers area and my driver Ziggy picked me up right away and had cold Red Stripe beer and bottled water waiting for me. NOTE: I have used Rocky's now for several years (and for the Krewe group also) and the results/feedback have been overwhelmingly positive. They can be contacted via their website:

The drive was 80 minutes, nice, comfy and no stops along the way and got me safely to Hedonism by 2 pm where I was greeted by several bellmen who took my 4 bags of luggage (my costumes, wigs and boots take up most of my baggage space and weight).

Since the lobby was under renovation, the new front desk/reception and check-in was in a room next to the piano bar with access to the area via the path behind the piano bar and through the new courtyard where people taking advantage of free wifi were enjoying the outdoor ambiance.

I noticed too the tours reservation desk was moved to the area next to the slot machines in between the billiards area and expanded gift shop.

I had lots of work to do online so I went to my room, (#1143 on the clothing optional side), just behind the newly renovated (and old Martinos) Pastafari Italian restaurant and then met up with the 1st of the Krewe de Krazy Life Group that had arrived. 

Dinner was most excellent in Pastafari with so much service that I felt very special. Choices of lamb, filet mignon, shrimp, salmon, etc. made my choice difficult but I knew I would eating here several times during my 12 night stay so I opted for the filet and decided I would try the other entrees on subsequent dining.

Following a late dinner, and with much more work to do, I sat in the chairs under roof in the free wi-fi zone outside the piano bar and enjoyed the mainstage entertainment show music just outside the main dining area.

Once my work was completed, I returned to my room to head to the nude pool. Along the way, I stopped at Club Hurricane (the Disco/Nightclub) after midnight and saw the disco floor completely covered 
in chest high foam for the Thursday night Toga-Foam theme party. Everyone seemed to be having a GREAT time and that was confirmed by speaking to several party-goers afterwards in the nude pool.

I was tired but I was able to meet up with several Krewe and friends from the Hedo Naughty Rockers Group where we caught up from last June's Hedo gathering.

I also had a veggie pizza slice freshly and expertly made at the nude pool grill and it complimented my champagne so well!

People recognized me all day and especially at night with my trademark "special dicky sippy cup) and of course, some of my special hair-looks (and in this case-purple hair).

Then it was off to the room for some much needed sleep.

Friday, June 18 (Rock Star & Groupie Theme Night)

After a restful sleep, it was a late breakfast and off to the courtyard and front desk/reception to take care of more business.

I also personally greeted all new Krewe members arriving, enjoyed a great buffet lunch in the main dining hall and met up with quite a few guests and staff members that saw me in the courtyard. 

The resort announced a free catamaran cruise to Rick's Cafe about 2 pm and it was also going to include both a sunset cruise and some clothing optional snorkeling. According to some of the Hedo guests I spoke to afterwards, the cruise was simply awesome with lots of food, drinks, and fun times with music.

I made time to go to the nude pool to meet up with as many people as possible before being asked to leave near 8 pm so that staff could clean and chlorinate the pool in preparation for evening activities. 
NOTE: When the elevated conversation pool stops overflowing into the main nude pool, you have less than 15 minutes to get out. Also, the nude pool grill shuts down at 6:30 pm (re-opens at midnight) and the nude pool bar closes at 7 pm and re-opens at 11:30 pm

At 8 pm, I returned to my room to prep for the rock star theme night parties and I dressed as a Dolly Parton look-alike and that made for lots of stops by people who wanted to know if I was the TravelSlut or simply to inquire who I was. I was also able to have some photos and a video taken of me in various locations (see my videos on YouTube at: Ann The TravelSlut welcomes you to Hedonism Resort in Jamaica and my photos on Twitter: and Flickr:

Dinner tonight was the special Seafood Buffet (no lobster as it was out of season) but the sauteed shrimp (cooked fresh at the back of the main grill station) was an excellent substitute. There was also plenty of freshly made sushi, various rolls, flambe desserts, martini bar) and something for everyone even if they did not want seafood-based cuisine. 

The main stage had a great show featuring veteran Entertainment Crew (EC) Winston singing and dancing to many recent and vintage rock music hits. The energy and costumes were outstanding.

Following the main entertainment, it was off to the piano bar which was very full with singing guests and the requisite piano top exhibitions by various females.
NOTE: As the resort was sold out for the week it became apparent for anyone wishing to see the piano bar show and wanting a good viewing seat that getting there earlier than the 10:30 pm start time was essential.

I socialized with friends in the attached/adjacent "game room" where I was able to enjoy the lower-volume music and cool area with my champagne after obtaining the air conditioning remote control located behind the piano bar. This room later was converted to office space for the week to accomodate staff working on check-ins and check-outs among other things.

It was then off to the "prude pool" to skinny dip with friends and I did draw some attention when people wondered who was the big hair blonde in the water. This preceded a return to my room to change out of my costume and head to the nude pool after midnight to enjoy another late night pizza, meet new people from all over the world. The nightended with a short stint in the hot tub where there was again plenty of "enthusiastic" guests exploring delights at night.

Finally, off to bed as I had a big day (Saturday) planned greeting all the new arriving Krewe members and prepping for the week activities.

NOTE: Do not keep your electronic room key near your camera or cellphone as it can cause the room key to malfunction (which mine did).

I also posted several photos, tweets and videos (see links below) daily during my stay as I wanted to say hi to all my friends and Krewe de Krazy Life members and tell them a little about the 9th Annual Group Trip & Rendezvous in Paradise this week at Hedo and let those who may miss Fantasy Fest(Key West, Florida every Halloween week) 2015 or will miss Fantasy Fest 2016 that Hedo is a great substitute every June. 

It is easy to compare Hedo to Fantasy Fest with its costumed theme nights, tropical delights on the beach and waters of Negril, full service restaurants, unlimited (and all-inclusive) drinks, food, snacks, non-motorized watersports, and all the nude & clothing optional fun you can imagine both day and night.

Saturday June 20 (Hats and Heels) 

Today the majority of the Krewe arrived for the 9th Annual Group Adventure week in Paradise

I had a very early morning wakeup to get the check-in Group desk set up in the piano bar and to insure the hanging of the two big TravelSlut @ Krewe de Krazy Life banners at the resort. Since the resort is a sellout, there is lots of activity and movements.

Breakfast was a busy time too and with so many people checking in and out and the food choices---so many and so good too! The omelet and french toast/waffle stations produce awesome meals.

People were really using the free wifi in the courtyard and some did so under the new canopy roof connecting the new wine bar and gift shop. Plus, I saw several people take relief in the new bathrooms near the tennis court-end of the artificial turf courtyard as the restrooms were brand new, clean, efficient and AIR-CONDITIONED!
Once everyone was checked in (and we used the piano bar for all the group check-ins because the main lobby is demolished and being completely remodeled), and everyone was assigned rooms to their pleasing (a few upgrades were made for various reasons), I did a stop in the gift boutique looking for something for the Hats & Hells theme night party but decided on a little black dress made by a Krewe member for me and a small hat attached to one of my big blonde hair TravelSlut costumed character looks.

Before heading to the nude pool to meet up again with all the new arrivals, I had a late lunch at the newly remodeled and expanded Beach Grill (clothing optional side) with some of the late-arriving Krewe members and the jerk chicken sandwiches and fish plates were all deemed excellent.

Then a short walk on the beach to the nude pool, a towel exchange adjacent to the nude pool grill, and late afternoon/early evening pool fun until we were booted out at 7:30 pm when the pool was closed for regular nightly cleaning until 11 p.m.
NOTE: I was also made aware of the nude pool having fresh coffee and fruits every morning on the table to the beach side of nude grill. 

After a brief rest back at my room I prepared myself for the Hats & Heels theme night dinner and entertainment in the main dining room with some of the Krewe. Buffet dinner was again varied and delicious.

The entertainment show was again highlighted by an impressive performance by Winston and Crew onstage and the completely filled main dining hall showed their appreciation with both applause and a standing ovation.

A short walk to the piano bar revealed another packed house, lots of music, (a little too loud for my taste) but a retreat with friends to the side room (and borrowing the remote control for the air conditioner allowed the room to cool off considerably in a short time where we were able to socialize and listen to the more soft music coming from the next room.

I then took a tour of the new "Rendezvous Lounge" (open nightly 10:30 pm-3 a.m) discreetly entered behind the gift shop via the tennis courts path and through the back door of the Mahoe Spa where cold champagne was stored in a cooler and the open air pools were surrounded by mattresses covered in bed sheets for those wishing to indulge in intimate fun. One of the staff members/entertainers was stationed outside the door to provide house rules for all the patrons of the lounge. Also, for those not wanting the warm (and/or humid) open air fun, the closed, windowed room outside the locker rooms/showers was
air-conditioned and had a large covered mattress not unlike the ones seen under the gazebos located in the areas of the nightclub,

The night concluded with a change of costume to a towel and walk to the nude pool where late night pool and hot tub fun was obvious. The next couple hours were spent going from person to person and group to group sharing late night pizza & grilled cheese sandwiches plus a few rounds of shots (and I'm talking 20 shots per round for the larger groups) to welcome all the newbies. My favorite was from my friends B & B who gave me a PB&J shot (peanut butter & jelly) made from Sambuca and Frangelico (if I recall properly).

A short walk back home, shower and a well-deserved good night sleep.

Sunday, June 21 (Hedonistic School Girl theme night)

I slept in late--and I needed it! But then some work on some of my other travel groups (and skipping breakfast) before heading to lunch through a brief thunderstorm (1st of two in my 12 days) and some business to handle in reception for both newly arrived Krewe and pending arrivals of Krewe.

This being my 11th time here at Hedo and with the improvements just keep coming, I am already excited about the big 10th Anniversary Blowout week at Hedo in June 2016 for the Krewe de Krazy Life group.

I spent the day roaming the resort property looking for my old painted rocks and I also enjoyed seeing my new wooden plaque (carved by Christopher at the resort) hanging from the nude pool from the eve of the roof facing pool and hot tub for all to see and comment on. Many people noticed the 3D TravelSlut carved caricature and were happy to share their delight with me.

A majority of the day was spent with the Krewe in the nude pool and mostly just catching-up with those that I only see 1-2 times a year or just every June for the Krewe Hedo trip.

Dinner was again Pastafari (fabulous food and service) but I also table-hopped in the main dining room afterwards to socialize with the Krewe and other friends while watching the evening entertainment.

Following our regular routine of dinner, then courtyard meetups, piano bar and either main pool cooling off from hot costumes or doing a walk through of the Club Hurricane nightclub/disco we all then headed to the nude pool for late night snacks and drinks in both the pool and hot tub.

A walk by the Rendevous Lounge revealed lots of people but I headed to my room for some sleep,

Monday, June 22 (Jamaica Night)

I forced myself out of bed this morning after a LONG night in the nude pool and hot tub (and grotto) 

Breakfast with some of the Krewe and a recap of the previous day/night fun was had by all along with the various (often sordid) stories of Hedo--past, present and future--and plans for the day.

The weather was perfect for one of Hedo's complimentary snorkel boat trips to one of the local reefs (everyday-weather permitting-at 11:30 a.m. and 2 p.m.) and I'm glad I went. The 15 minute boat ride to nearly "Shark Island" was great with the other 11 guests and 2 Hedo staff. The water was very warm, clear and calm and while others snorkeled the reefs, I just skinny dipped around the boat enjoying the salt water and later I did a video (on YouTube) from the boat along with some photos (on my Twitter & Flickr pages).

Upon return I opted for a jerk chicken lunch from the nude pool grill and seeing more more friends from both the Krewe and other groups.

I then spent the rest of the early-mid-afternoon in the nude pool watching the EC's (Entertainment Crew) with their ever-present energy keep the nude pool crowd happy with their various sexy and funny games. 

With the threat of a storm across the bay approaching I decided to head back to the room and take a much-needed nap before the evening activities.(It never did rain on the resort today).

Following my nap, I headed to the piano bar to help Hedo staff set up our groups' Meet & Greet (M&G) party and they did a wonderful job with some GREAT food and of course the bar staff serving just about any drink you could dream up.

The M&G went well as we discussed everything from daily activities for the week to our butt-paintings on the beach, group dinners and off-property excursions. Plus it was International No-Panty's Day and in celebration of this event, all the ladies (and most of the guys) got some special eye-catching stick-on temporary tattoos in some inconspicuious body areas.

Afterwards, some of the Krewe went to both Harry San restaurant (Japanese Teppanyaki) and Pastafari restaurant (Italian) while I enjoyed the Jamaican cuisine of the main dining room. This dinner was met on the same approval level as the seafood buffet on Friday night.

The Jamaica main stage show was awesome with song, dance, and entertainment (plus some verbal history of Jamaica) for the evening.

A beach bonfire was set for 10:30 pm and meanwhile, the prude beach pool and Club Hurricane (disco) were the stage for a huge music and light show on the beach. Many who had never been to the beachfront at night enjoyed the bonfire and a walk to the dock/marina to see the various fish surrounding the sea walls. Stingrays and various other marine life could be seen with the dock lights bringing the animals into the shallow waters.

The beachwalk continued to the nude pool and hot tub and the crowds were big as was the line to nude pool grill. But, Ricardo, the nightshift bartender, was again fun, efficient and always keeping the guests drinks full.

The grotto was very active this night/morning so it was an early-to-bed close of another great day at Hedo. 

Tuesday, June 23 (Bare as you Dare Glow/Rave pool party night)

Early morning breakfast and the last of the Krewe check-ins today! Pashur the Bodypainter arrived and later began artistically creating complimentary body art on all the Krewe ladies for the week.

The 2nd and final one-hour rainshower of my Hedo time arrived but did not affect anyone.

I have been tweaking my Hedonism resort travel checklist as I discover items that should be included that would work for all guests plus additional items that I need as the organizer of the Krewe at Hedo. Thanks to all the Krewe that volunteer to assist me throughout the week with various Krewe activities from booking Harry San and Pastafari restaurants to pool games like alcohol-infused whipped cream body treats, sticker/tattoo placements, body glitter transfers and giant dicky ring toss (thanks J&P!)

I managed some shopping this morning as I found I had neglected bringing a few costumes from home and I was pleased with my purchases (photos attached).

I also went to the Rutland Craft Shops to buy some souvenir gifts from local craftspersons and met up with several nice vendors. Rutland is located off property and about a 10 minute walk north and near the Negril airport. Prices are negotiable and locally made/produced.

Tonight the Krewe took over some Harry San restaurant dinner seats and we had a GREAT time with GREAT food and entertainment by our tableside chef.

AFter dinner, it was a WILD time on the courtyard by the Krewe before some time in the piano bar, main pool, and finally another fun time in the nude pool after midnight.

Wednesday June 24 (Fetish, Lingerie, Bodypaint and Fantasy theme night

I managed to sleep in today and get some work done inside my room before heading to the main dining room for a late breakfast. As several new Krewe members wanted to try the complimentary snorkel boat trip at 11:30 a,m, I met people at the watersports marina, gathered my fins and mask and thoroughly enjoyed a 90 minute experience complete with more nude snorkeling and swimmng plus I was able to do a few new photos and YouTube videos with Hedonism resort seen in the onshore background. This trip was special too because the boat crew showed everyone an old pirate boat resting place in the 15-20 foot deep waters complete with a visible cannon and anchor.

The biggest treat to me was on the boat ride back to the resort where we all saw a large pod of dolphins just yards from our boat!

Upon return to Hedo I had lunch in the main dining room and went to the nude pool in time to see some of the sexy and fun pool games being played by the EC's.

I met up with my group single males and spent time with the various Krewe members in the nude pool and they enjoyed the Whipped cream-alcohol pool antics

I missed the repeaters party this night but was able to spend lots of time with the Krewe.

Also, for the only time I am aware of during my stay, the Hedo clothes police at the nude pool became a security issue when one of the Krewe members walked into the nude pool area and was ordering a drink when appoached and told to remove clothes or leave. Ridiculous.

Our Krewe today met at the nude beach for a special event. Pashur lined up all the females and painted each butt cheek with a letter that spelled out "Krewe de Krazy Life" while all the males lined up and had "The Travel Slut" painted letters on their butts before we were told by security that cameras were not allowed. Anyway, we got a few photos.

We all enjoyed Pastafari w/ Pashur the Bodypainter ( for dinner and costumed time afterwards and then the usual routine.

Thursday, June 25 and Toga/Foam Party theme night

It is hard to believe that I have been here at Hedo for a week already.

After sleeping in late (again) I did the Snorkel boat cruise to the "caves.
NOTE: Bring bottled water to rinse out your mouth of salt water afterwards,

Lunch and work in main dining area followed by shopping for some replacement sunglasses as I lost them somewhere between the pool and courtyard.

I spent the afternoon and evening in the nude pool and nude beach and actually had two conversations with Hedo owner Harry Lange where he discussed the pending renovations of Hedo.

After another great Pastafari dinner I checked out the new wine room for after dinner drinks. It is very nice.

I spent some time in the piano bar and guests seem to enjoy my costumed look. I tried to get into the foam party but it was overflowing and seemed to be hit of the week. 

Then it was pizza and pool while still in my big blonde hair costume and the guests REALLY loved it.

Friday, June 26 Rock Star and Groupie night

I had yet another late wake up and this day is sort of a blur as most of what I recall were the Appletini's by Ricardo at the nude pool and getting back to my room at a trip record of 4:30 a.m.
My notes for the day are non-existant.

However i did do lots of photos and a few videos. 

Saturday June 27, Hat and Heels Theme Night and majority of the Krewe check-out

I was up early to resolve some check-out issues but then went back to bed.

A late lunch at nude pool grill followed by socializing with remaining Krewe and meeting new folks,

Occupancy plummeted from 100% to less than 50% but staff told me by Weds. the resort would be sold out again.

Off to Rutland Point Craft Market with Pashur again and then back to the nude pool, some great nachos with cheese and jerk chicken.

A nap and some work before another great Pastafari dinner followed by Pashur bodypainting for the 10th year,

Late nite in the pool and hot tub with some new "fans" and friends (and no we did not solve any major issues of the world--lol)

Sunday, June 28 and another Hedonistic School Girl theme night

I woke up late and missed the departure of six more Krewe de Krazy Life members including Pashur but then spent considerable time with several members of Hedo staff, both group and regular, and learned some new information about Hedo groups and made plans for my big 10th Annual TravelSlut & Krewe de Krazy Life Group Trip Adventure June 18-25, 2016.

I then had a little main dining lunch and then headed to the nude beach for some time in the sun via my beach lounger at the shoreline.

And then off to the nude pool for some drinks and the nude grill fries and grilled jerk chicken nachos with a chicken-cheese quesadilla.

My new friends and I closed down the pool and hot tubs for nightly 7:30 pm maintenance before I returned to my room for a pre-dinner map.

Dinner was at the main dining room with the 2 remaining Krewe members and I did my final night of costuming with my traditional big red hair and TravelSlut dress with stops in the piano bar, disco/nightclub and surrounding areas.

A quick change-out in my room to another traditional big blonde hair look & costume to show at the nude pool for late night "Ann-tics which included showing some "newbies" the new Rendezvous Lounge, some new videos for my YouTube channel and even a quick dip into the main pool where the excitement was the discovery and ultimate removal of two LARGE crabs that had crawled in the from the beach shoreline.

Monday, June 29, and no theme costumes for me tonight

With no Krewe members remaining at Hedo I had a work-free day to enjoy the resort and all its amenities and a short stroll & return to Rutland Craft Fair to buy some gifts before my Tuesday departure. I also took some photos through the fence of the old Grand Lido Resort currently being demolished.

I wanted to make a final few notes include 12 days with only a few hours of rain (pretty amazing), wait staff regularly checking areas like the beach and courtyard to see if drinks were needed by anyone, owner Harry Lange regularly mingling with guests and welcomingfeedback, wi-fi and TV only being out about 3 hours during the 12 days, and on-site construction disruptions being either non-existent or minimal.

Tuesday, June 20 and departure from Hedo back to Tampa 

Breakfast, goodbyes, and a great Rocky's Taxi Service back to Montego Bay with Rocky himself.

The flight back to Orlando was uneventful and the drive back home to Tampa Bay welcomed.

All in all, a great trip.

If I did not see you at Hedo during the week, then hopefully I will see you at Fantasy Fest and maybe even our 10th Annual Group Trip Adventure and Rendezvous in Paradise dates in June 2016. Email me for details at: 

Email & Yahoo IM: 

And follow my daily adventures in text & photos on Twitter at:

Plus my YouTube channel with all sorts of info and fun videos:

And finally, the largest Hedo Group on Flickr with over 3,000 photos & 6,100 members:


10th Annual Group Trip Adventure and Rendezvous in Paradise at Hedonism II resort in Jamaica June 2016. Email me for details 

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