Hi there….Here’s a question I get asked frequently especially around the time of my Annual June Group Trip to Hedonism II resort in Negril, Jamaica or as Fantasy Fest in Key West, Florida every October approaches.


How and why can I afford to go to Hedo in June when Fantasy Fest in Key West, Florida every October is in Florida and within the USA?


Let me say this while stating some facts, figures, and details so that you can draw your own conclusions.

I would say—- and many FantasyFesters in my group will confirm—- that Hedo can be less expensive for a week vs. FF and offers both more freedom and more options for the travel dollar and time. 

And let me add: “ Either choice is the right one as both should be on everyone’s travel bucketlist”.

NOTE: I have been to Fantasy Fest 12 times since 1999 and Hedo 11 times since 2005 so feel I can also decide objectively—and I love them both and even more—the people and friends I have in both places.

The biggest cost for either trip are room rates and for the 10th Annual Hedo Group Trip trip next June nightly all-inclusive (room, food, drinks, tips, watersports, etc) rates start at US $159 per person, per night, double occupancy or $318 per room per night. Some rooms go more per night in Key West during FF week and do not include food (even a kitchen or even a refrigerator sometimes). For purposes of this post I will usean average $250 per night per room for FF.

One of the biggest factors to consider are the extras that Hedo offers within the room rate plus the convenience, peace of mind, total freedom to indulge, etc.

Hedo’s rate is all-inclusive with room, all food and snacks 24/7 (as much as you want) and all drinks, premium liquor, beer, wine, & sodas 24/7 (again, as much as you want), all taxes, fees, tips and gratuities, fitness center, nude beach, all entertainment, non-motorized watersports, 8 pools, 6 bars, piano bar, costumed theme nights, pool parties, disco, and all in a nude/clothing optional tropical resort setting with security and surrounded with like-minded people who seek fun, no hassles, etc. Eat when hungry, sleep when tired, drink when….well……whenever.

Key West for Fantasy Fest has seen a dramatic increase in room prices the past few years, Plus, food and drink purchases can easily add up daily for a couple to over $150-200 per day and some have told me that they start limiting their food/drink purchases later in the week.

Here is a one (1) week comparison with a garden view regular room @ Hedo versus a standard hotel/B&B/guesthouse room in Key West:

Hedo room for 2: $2,226 total including all taxes, fees, etc.

FF room for 2: $1,977 (with a room for $250 per night plus resort fees, taxes, etc) of 13% 

Hedo food/drink/snacks for 2: $0 for the week 

FF food/drink/snacks for 2: $1,400 (with a limited minimum $100 per person per day basis @ $10 breakfast/$15 lunch/$25 dinner & $6 drinks x8)

Transportation to Hedo for 2: $600-1,000 (Airfare is usually about $300 roundtrip per person from Florida and $500 from most east coast cities)

Transportation to FF for 2: $500-800 (drive or fly from various USA airports) Rental cars are usually not used in Key West but if one is rented, it would average about $75/day or $400/week additional plus parking fees possibly.

Hedo room taxes, resort fees, tips for 2: $0 

FF room taxes, resort fees, tips for 2: $210-350 (see above @ 13%)


Hedo approx. cost for 2: US $3,226 for transportation & 100% resort expenses

FF approx cost for 2: US $4,027 for transportation & room/food.etc expenses

As for variables:

Hedo offers two complimentary daily snorkel and scuba boat trips offshore (clothing optional). It also offers twice weekly (for an extra cost-usually $50-70 per person) a nude catamaran cruise to Rick’s Cafe and to the caves.

Once on Hedo property, there is never a need for any money unless you desire to use the Mahoe Spa services, purchase an off-property excursion, or buy something in the gift shop.

In Key West, some events and venues require additional cover charges, and very few places offer anything for free so a wallet or purse are necessary almost all the time,

There are also nude cruises from the Key West marina during the week and cost about $75-100 per person.

Hedo offers limited walking (even staggering distance back to your room—lol), music & activities, costumed theme nights, to keep you busy or not and nude/clothing free status 24/7. It is your choice to pick and choose what you do or not do at Hedo. No long lines, no big crowds, no fantasy zone required (it’s all fantasy zone @ Hedo). Hedo does not have a parade unless it is a conga line at the main entertainment stage or nude pool however. There is an extensive nude beach and nude/clothing optional pool open 18 hours per day 

Fantasy Fest can sometimes require extensive walking, lots of music choices, and activities that are costumed themed, and limited nudity/clothing optional venues (private) although flashing & sexy/revealing costumes and dress can be found on the streets. FF does sometimes have lines and crowds to deal with (especially later in the week and parade night). Nude and wild parties do happen at private parties like Monday Nights Fetish/Fantasy theme nights.

As said before, you should do both each year—- if possible—- but any decision you make is the right one. What a great outcome no matter what you decide.

Me? I have cut down to 3-4 nights early in the week at Fantasy Fest the past few years and extended my week at Hedo from 7-12 days for the best of both worlds.

This past June my 12 nights at Hedo cost about the same as what 7 nights in Key West would be during FF.

Just some food for thought and I hope it helps answer this question that I have been asked numerous times.

If anyone has any other questions, i’d be happy to try to answer them. 

Ann, The TravelSlut 
Email & IM: TheTravelSlut@yahoo.com 

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