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El Salvador Sustainable Rural Ecotourism Project


If interested in this and other projects in the developing world, do not hesitate to contact us.


Saludos. Regards, The Team.


San Salvador, El Salvador, Central America




Non Profit Organization dedicated to development of of Eco, Cultural and Agro Tourism, our co ordinator, a native of El Salvador, is a Bioligist
who has dedicated years of his life laboring in this field. Those of
you who will visit El Salvador and tour with us, will be greeted as
friends in teh rural areas and not as another blank tourist face
spending Dollars or Euros!


Basically, this is type of 'tourism' we are developing in El Salvador, where much of the touristic infrastructure is still in it's infancy


First, Costa Rica:. A model project.



El Salvador:


 Review article and provisional web pages 
Anyone here have there own project in mind? The one above is 90% complete with most of infrastructure in place.

Lots for visitors to do and see in Salvador without Costa Rica and Guatemala's Tourist Hordes.


Donald Lee.

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As usual, great work Donald! We (IFWTWA) are planning a press trip to El Salvador. Do you have any contact info for Tourism, airline, PR, etc. people?
gracias! John
I have all the contacts you require, especially people, which I consider more important than "destinations". Do you require lodgings? Transportation? Native Guides in remote areas? Wish to visit towns dedicated to making of arts and crafts by hand? Visit the Rain Forest/Civil War Memorial project, a day, only 18 km. from Colonial City of Suchitoto, very good Salvadorian/American contact there in Tourism, has hostal, restaurant, small tour opertion, relaxed fair prices, we do not del directly with "5 Star Hotels" and their partner uptight, upscale "Tour Operations", who will charge you by the person rather than by the group. Important, let me know if you are "5 Star Hotel/Resort" types only, or if you and your group would be interested in some off the beaten path cultural, culinary and eco tours, restaurant and native cuisine, (some like the Pupusa Tour, Olocuilta and Ls Renderos, pretty down to Earth), experiences..for one example contact the owner of, in my opinion, the BEST Seafood Restaurant (Punta Roca) in all El Salvador, not expensive, casual, American citizen resident..since 1974..owner.. Robert Rotherham..Website
E mail: for a speedy reply (Don Roberto is a gringo) Tell him "Donald Lee from San Salvador" sent you. I have lots more information and contacts for you, including the new Minister of Culture in El Salvador, however would PREFER PLEASE contact me by tommorow via my E MAIL, these little Reply to This boxes drive me crazy. If you live in USA, am able to call you very cheaply by telephone when required. I do not have a computer at home now. PS Go to and if you have transferable air miles join TACA Destinos, Taca is the Central American airline also has Facebook Group, toll free number in USA. Also the new C.A. & Caribbean budget airline Spirit arrives as close as Guatemala City check fares on: I know IFWTWA, anyway awaiting your E Mail por favor with your comments (sorry, last year got involved with some 5 star hotel/resort types from Canada, I am not comfortble around those type of people) and do E mail Robert Rotherham at Punta Roca as well. El Salvador, like its neighbors has a lot of rough edges, but very very friendly people. Saludos Doanld Lee.
E mail elsalvadorinfo at

John Lamkin said:
As usual, great work Donald! We (IFWTWA) are planning a press trip to El Salvador. Do you have any contact info for Tourism, airline, PR, etc. people?
gracias! John
My associate, an El Salvadorian Marine Bioligist has worked in and around Icacal on the proyectos de medio ambiente, in las mangeras... the mangroves. Beuatiful beach. Locals are wonderful.
Sorry, however I live here in El Salvador and am not a missionary, however good luck on your venture and G-d Bless, Shalom.

Tico Travel said:
Travel to Central America and Support rural school kids go to school!
A wonderful trip to El Salvador and Guatemala full of adventure, education and service! A percentage of what you pay will be assigned to support the JESUS Project by purchasing a van so that kids from La Leona and El Icacal communities in El Salvador can go to school. With no transportation, children walk almost 2 hours each way. Currently we hire a transportation service but the vehicle is very old and unsafe for the kids. Please take a look to the following video:

It is a 12 day trip starting June 1st. It offers many activities and unique experiences in El Salvador and Guatemala including a visit to the schools which would be benefited with the vehicle. The price includes all land costs (all meals, all activities, transportation, etc.) For more details and pictures about the trip, visit the following link:

For more information write to:
Thank you!


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