A Well-needed Heavenly Retreat in Costa Rica

News flash: The lifestyle of a travel TV host isn’t always so glamorous. Yes, I am incredibly blessed and so grateful to have such an exciting and fulfilling job hosting my show Travel Time with Linda, but I must admit my whirlwind turnaround trips can be exhausting. While I try my best to maintain a healthy lifestyle, often my nutrition, sleep and exercise go completely by the wayside in the process leaving me in dire need to press the reset button.

Having just unpacked my bags from my recent bucket-list travel adventures touring the Galapagos Islands and Peru, I should have been excited about my impending trip to Japan circled on my calendar, but the thought of packing my suitcase again in such close proximity left me feeling anxious so I knew it was time to recharge.

Ready to fully immerse myself into a state of total relaxation I gave myself a  mandatory time-out; armed with a suitcase full of athleisure wear and my bestie, we arrived at a tropical luxury wellness resort The Retreat Costa Rica, nestled in the Alajuela Province hills of the country's Central Valley. This restorative environment tucked into the arms of a quartz mountain overlooking the Nicoya Peninsula and Pacific Ocean seascape had me at pura vida ("pure life," a common expression down here) with its lush landscapes.

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