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Over 500 travel business operators have signed up
to our Travel Operator Promotions system (TOPs).
As with all new systems, we experienced a few
teething troubles with the DIY (Do It Yourself)
aspect of the software. All is now well and
operating very efficiently and effectively for the
promotion of direct booking offers from our
travel operator clients.
We welcome any travel-related business...from
small quality B&B’s to Grand Lodges, from day
tours to extended luxury tours, travel adventures.
travel gear and shopping for all.
We are giving our members the opportunity to
not only find unique travel experiences around
the world but also the ability to book directly
with their selected operators and save by
getting net of commission prices.
We are seeking the next 500+ travel operators
to list and link at The Club.
We do not charge any fees or commissions
when you offer direct booking savings or net
of commission prices for the members of
three online travel clubs. You can add, edit or
delete your offers at any time.
We do not sell travel or take reservations and
do not allow any non-client advertising that may
detract from your promotions.
Additional promotion is also available on our
sites at and no cost!
Full info onsite at the Travel Operator
Registration link at
Come on in...the future is shining brightly
for direct bookings.

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