Iceland’s capital sees plenty of visitors wanting to see the country’s distinctive natural beauty, coming from all corners of the world come to see its geothermal landscape showcasing magnificent landscape shaped by the roaring volcano that is still very much alive to this day. With beautiful blue glaciers to breathtaking mountain ranges, Iceland is the perfect getaway for those who love the outdoors.


Reykjavik is the country’s gateway to its rugged interior with a growing tourism sector infrastructure and a modern airport just outside of the city. Due to its relatively small size in scale, the country being a perfect place for an ultimate road trip with seemingly never-ending natural wonders with every turn.

While people visit the hot springs and erupting geysers, there are lesser known gems along the coasts that often get overlooked in favor of the landmarks inland. The mostly black-sand beaches in Iceland are the most unique in the world. They're generally not considered to be ideal spots to relax and take a dip (though there are a hardy few who do brave the chilly waters of the North Atlantic!), but they do offer the most stunning, sometimes otherworldly backdrops on the planet, and travelers (and especially photography buffs) will be richly rewarded by taking time to visit them.


Below are some of the country’s most beautiful and fascinating beaches which you can drive to when visiting Reykjavik. They all make excellent day trip destinations while visiting Iceland.

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