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The National Networker group of companies ( together with is introducing a new monthly feature - The Business of Leisure.

The group will garner real stories from the travel operators registered with the online travel club – about the past, the present and the future of travel and leisure businesses.

The good, the bad and the ugly experiences in the development and operation of their travel and leisure businesses will be covered - from small B&B’s and day tour operators to luxury lodges and international adventure tours.... and everything inbetween.

Topics to be covered will include the creation of products and services, advertising, marketing, promotion, pricing, commissions, quality control and networking. All of the stories will be from a ‘been there, done that, got the t-shirt’ perspective from real experiences of the business owners and operators that will be invited to participate in these articles.

If you have a story that can help educate and improve the success of fellow travel and leisure entrepreneurs – we want to hear about it. Simply add your travel services with direct booking discounts or special member-only deals to members of and join us at and get ready to contribute feature articles to The Business of Leisure.

We are considering adding a 'blogroll' to our site If you do not operate a travel business but have a travel blog that would be of interest and benefit to our members we may be able to add your link.

The group provides business to business services for its members and offers ‘no cost’ advertising, marketing, promotion and direct links to any travel business that can offer its members direct booking discounts or special member-only savings.

Contact: Tony Humphrey,

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