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The Beauty Of Mai Chau Vietnam : Sapa’s Hidden Sister City


A Mai Chau day trip from Hanoi wasn’t on my original list of places I wanted to see in Vietnam.  SaPa  however was.  I wanted to see the bright green terraced rice paddies that the area is known for.  Even more, I wanted to experience the lives of the minority tribes who live in the SaPa Valley and its surrounds.

It’s a reasonable distance out to SaPa from Hanoi,…


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Amsterdam for First-Timers

If there is one place where everyone is just excited to even talk about, it is the incredibly popular city of Amsterdam. A cultural haven with architecturally splendid buildings, great art museums, and lovely canals, Amsterdam is strikingly beautiful not to forget the liberal freedom the city offers. If you are one of those tourists who has not yet visited Amsterdam but will be there shortly? Then here is an Amsterdam first-time visitor guide for you to refer.…


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Two Terrific Hotels of Naples, Italy

We are sitting with concierge Franco Milano on an evening in the beautiful, classic lounge of Naples' grand, waterfront …


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Experience travel in professional chauffeur driven cars

Chauffeur driven cars, whether owned or hired, are becoming more and more popular as our roads get busier and busier.

Time is money. This is a slogan used by businessmen worldwide, so why waste time driving yourself around, getting bogged down in traffic and stressing about finding a parking space. Hire a chauffeur driven car to take away the stress of driving yourself.



Executive car services always provide top of the range cars and…


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Join us at The American Cancer Society’s Ninth Annual Tides of Change Gala in Farmingdale, NJ on March 31, 2017!

American Cancer Society’s

Ninth Annual Tides of Change Gala…


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Travel Agents Attack Online Marketing!

Content Marketing for Travel Agents  

Momentum is the backbone of every growing business and the Internet provides you an amazing opportunity to make forward progress. The key is writing, posting and tweeting your way to creating an online audience of people to which you then have the opportunity to communicate the knowledge and value you provide.…


Added by George Oberle on March 27, 2017 at 3:38pm — 1 Comment

Exploring Germany's Rheingau Region

All within reach by an hour train ride west of Frankfurt along the Rhine River, Germany's Rheingau is a patchwork of historic villages, vibrant cities, and the country's most distinctive Reisling wine-growing region.…


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4 Accessories to Perk Up Your Travel Pics

by Lee Howard

 may be everywhere these days – they’re certainly convenient and their quality keeps improving rapidly. But if you’re off travelling to – and taking pictures of – interesting parts of the world, you still owe it to yourself to not…


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93rd AAFT Festival of Short Digital Films Inaugurated

Noida: Today we are feeling elevated as we are now marching towards the 100th edition celebration of our festival, only of its kind in the World, very soon. Sandeep Marwah introduced the AAFT Festival of Short Digital Films to the distinguished guests and audience.

“What a grand…


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Toronto Limo Rentals will amaze you in many ways

Traveling is inevitable when you are an active member of the society. Why not do it with style and get the most out of that time too? When one is thinking of luxury and comfort at the same time, there is no better option than a limousine for easy accessibility. It not only offers the royal feel but is also suitable for many occasions. From wedding limousine to stretch limousine, there are many options available that you can choose from according to your requirements.…


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Restaurant Reservation Procedure for Parties

Almost every restaurant has specific reservation procedure. Booking process for small or large gathering may vary. Those rules have become industry standard and for guests they are cost of doing business. Whether you have very short span of time or not, reservation minimizes your stress and anxiety. You won’t have to waste time choosing where to go or waiting in line once you get there. Instead,…


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Discover the exciting jungle wildlife of Costa Rica

There are few places in the world where you can feel like you’ve entered a National Geographic wildlife documentary in person. Costa Rica is one of those places.

Sandwiched between North and South America and the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea, Costa Rica is an amazing bridge of biodiversity rich in animals and plants.…


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Costa Rica's Veragua Rainforest Eco-Adventure Park

Visiting Costa Rica’s Caribbean region for a one-day shore excursion during your cruise? Or traveling to Costa Rica’s Caribbean beaches? While there, you don’t want to miss an exciting visit to Costa Rica's rainforest at Veragua Rainforest Eco-Adventure Park.

Different from other rainforest tours in Costa Rica, the Veragua…


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Yoga vacations in paradise in Costa Rica

Imagine leaving behind the hectic fast pace of everyday life to restore your energy, strengthen your body, and relax your mind amid lush jungle in the sunshine with tranquil 80-degree ocean gulf waters lapping at your doorstep. That's what a Costa Rica yoga vacation can do for you.

Sounds good, doesn't it?

Why not make your next yoga class a yoga vacation in paradise at Playa Nicuesa Rainforest Lodge in Costa…


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Why I Visited Brazil - and Never Left

I came to Brazil for the first time alone in 2014. I love to learn languages and I had made several attempts at Spanish that never furnished the skills I had hoped for. So, I filled a backpack and headed to South America for a 6 month trip. I had a rough idea of where I wanted to go, but the overall idea was to…


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What Brazilian Music is on Our Radio This Week

In Brazil, there is always music playing. It is the fuel for our daily fire! Music is a normal part of the city hum you hear all day long in every corner of this country. In Brazilian culture, there is a natural encouragement to sing out loud and dance for the sake of dancing. There isn't a shame around it, but rather a deep joy that comes from feeling the music. We sing it in the streets, hear it on those small transistor radios as we buy our newspaper, dance to it with our kids in our…


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4 Amazing Day Trips From Johannesburg

South Africa is a country full of rich diversity and a soul that’s waiting to be explored. This is especially true for Johannesburg, a city full of hidden treasures and exceptional discoveries. Plus, you can take a car hire in Johannesburg and drive to some of the most amazing destinations within a 3-hour drive to…


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Get Out of Your Comfort Zone on One-of-a-Kind Costa Rica Adventure Tours

When was the last time you felt the thrill of not knowing what was going to happen next?

If you never leave your comfort zone, maybe it's been a while.

There’s some fun excitement in that mix of anticipation and anxiety that flips your stomach and makes your heart race.

Experts say it's easier to stay in our comfort zone where we feel comfortable. But by limiting ourselves to what we already know, we miss out on opportunities, life experiences, adventure, excitement, and…


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Spain BC: 7 Fascinating Caves With Prehistoric Art

Spain Cantabria Altamira Cave ceiling José-Manuel Benito Wikipedia

As rich as the recorded history of Spain is, it all adds up to a mere microsecond in terms of human presence on the peninsula that eventually became known as Iberia. Homo sapiens arrived here during the Paleolithic era, some, oh, 1.2 million years back, give or take – including the last stand of the…


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5 Unusual Hotels in Sicily

image source…


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