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  • Gay Peru

    7 members Latest Activity: Jul 9

    Para quienes desean realizar este viaje tan deseado a un destino tan mistico como es Peru, ya sea solo o sola, con amigos o en pareja, ya…

  • RV'ing

    23 members Latest Activity: Jul 2 Hitting the open road in an RV: full time or part time, it's fun time!

  • Travel Videographers

    25 members Latest Activity: Jun 21

    A forum for travel video/film producers, their issues, and their work.

  • Hiking

    71 members Latest Activity: Jul 27 Over hill, over dale, all over the world...!

  • Bulletin Board

    272 members Latest Activity: Oct 6

    The place to publish all your travel-related non-blog posts re products, services, announcements, and more! Please use the group's Discussion…

  • GlobeTrotter Jon Haggins TV

    17 members Latest Activity: Oct 2, 2013 GlobeTrotter TV is a half hour lifestyle weekly show that airs in 2 million NYC homes and streamed over the Internet.

  • Beijing 北京

    30 members Latest Activity: Aug 29 Home to world icons such as the Forbidden City and the Temple of Heaven, gateway to the Great Wall and the Ming Tombs, China's capital is also home…

  • Pakistan

    19 members Latest Activity: May 23 This south Asian country has been in the news aplenty recently -- but less well known is that tourism is still a growing industry because of its…

  • Montenegro

    21 members Latest Activity: Jul 20 Emerging but still fairly under-the-radar, this small Slavic country on the Adriatic boasts some of Europe's best undiscovered beaches, ecotourism,…

  • Indonesia

    69 members Latest Activity: Jun 10 One of the world's largest countries, this 18,000-island archipelago mixes Muslim & Hindu, & boasts an extraordinary culture & cuisine. Highlights:…

  • Massachusetts

    63 members Latest Activity: Jul 4

    Historic, cosmopolitan Boston's the Big Kahuna in America's most historic state, of course. But don't forget the beachy charms of Cape Cod and the…

  • Virginia

    54 members Latest Activity: Jul 4 There really is a little something for everyone here, from colonial, antebellum and Civil War history to beaches and the great outdoors -- and of…

  • Working Abroad

    25 members Latest Activity: May 27 Nice work if you can get it! Pay for your travel by working abroad -- teaching English is a particularly popular option. Plenty of outfits are…

  • Wines & Wine Tourism

    215 members Latest Activity: on Friday

    Winos -- er, oenophiles -- unite! Here we go galavanting after the grape, and there are of course scores of fetching -- and sometimes surprising…

  • Luxury Travel

    298 members Latest Activity: on Friday The latest and greatest of the top of the line, from the world's most magnificent cities to its remotest deserts & jungles...

  • Spas/Wellness

    95 members Latest Activity: Jun 8 Who doesn't love a little pampering? And the exploding number of spas across the world these days ranges from crazy-pricey to surprisingly…

  • Shopping the World

    50 members Latest Activity: Jul 9 For everyone for whom shopping's a big part of the fun of travel -- whether it's for exotic souvenirs in Bali, custom-tailored suits in Bangkok, or…

  • Greece

    98 members Latest Activity: Aug 27 Whether it's glorious ancient history, scrumptious cuisine, or the plethora of sun-splashed Aegean islands, Hellas is hot! Opa!

  • Sudan

    6 members Latest Activity: Oct 9

    This northeaster African country has in the late 20th and early 21st century been wracked by civil war and despotism, and considered no-go for…

  • Travel to India

    3 members Latest Activity: Feb 21

    India is well known for culturally diversity with a population which has people belonging to almost all faith present in the world. This wonderful…



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