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We are seeking an entrepreneurial partner to handle all of our social media activities (see website).

We have a huge selection of travel products and services which we want to promote via our SocMed activities in text, photos, videos, blogs, seo, sem and MailChimp.

We do not sell travel.  Our members Go-Direct & Save by getting net prices from travel business operators or other member-only discounts.

We add new travel businesses every week.  We do not charge any travel business for any of our services when they offer net prices to our members.

Our revenues are 100% membership dues.  Our SocMed senior partner will share in these revenues.

We are associated with 3 additional online travel websites in the UK / Australia / India.

No employees or consultants please!  This is a solid business opportunity with a developed product for the global market of travellers and shoppers.

Due diligence first and then contact: for further info.

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