the world's smartest travel social network the presence of healing divisions within each hotel, making for the guest various treatments and therapeutic mud treatment much easier and more comfortable compared to having only one center thermal for the whole area.

For the guest it is certainly also affected the appearance and historical monuments among which the most important examples are the very springs of Aponus, the hill of Montirone.One element that characterizes the territory aponese is precisely the presence of thermal springs of very ancient significance. Only in the 60 scholars from the University of Padua he has been able to shed light on this "mysterious" phenomenon, which is achieved through a circuit geothermal lasting 50 years or so. The route begins along the Little Dolomites where the cold water of the area of ​​natural recharge (rainwater), articulated through a rocky path into the ground up to 4000 meters deep, flows into the basin euganeo that, for its geological then allows the natural slope on the surface, allowing water to acquire the typical thermal properties are unique for their peculiarities.

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